How To Disavow Spammy Links

Google Webmaster ToolsIn Firefox or Chrome, right click the download link and choose “Save Link As”.

Download a Sample Disavow Text File to begin your disavow file. The file includes all of the instructions needed. It assumes you already have your website linked to your Google webmaster tools.

The text file template looks like this:

# must be UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII containing only the links you want to disavow
# This document was created in NotePad with UTF-8
# 1 link per line
# this document ignores lines that begin with the pound sign
# to disavow an entire domain –
# Upload a list of links to disavow
# Go to the disavow links tool page –
# Select your website.
# Click Disavow links.
# Click Choose file.
# Note: Uploading a new file will replace any previously uploaded disavow file.
# ———————————————————————-

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Jordan Rubin’s Eggs

free-range-chickenLast week we launched “My Beyond Organic Life” – Jordan Rubin’s new online “mini-series” where we chronicle Jordan’s transformation from “Suburban Slicker” to Bona Fide Rancher, Farmer, and Producer of his own food.

In this week’s edition, Jordan talks about a delicious and nutritious food, one of the perfect foods on the planet, especially when raised the Beyond Organic way.
Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin