The Exercise For Everyone

When it comes to exercises, There are some that just exclude too many people. But there are others that seem to have no boundries; That is, they don’t require memberships, they are for boys and girls, men and women, there is something for everyone regardless of their talent and experience, and even disability, they require little or no equipment and they cost little to nothing at all.

Swimming is one of those exercises that allows almost everyone all ages from cradle to grave to enjoy. These days, it is not unusual for kids to even be born in a pool and come out swimming while still tethered by a cord of life support. And on the other side of the spectrum, the elderly are assisted sometimes even mechanically into a pool. Once they are in, bouyancy takes over and the water offers resistance to movement for exercise.

For those that do not have their own pools, municipalities usually have resident swimming often for as little as a dollar per person.

And when it comes to the intensity of training, well, that is up to the individual. Exercise can be as minimal as attempting to tread water even while assisted by flotation devices On the other side of the spectrum is sprinting at maximum intensity while wearing a drag suit and hand paddles.

Although swimming is one of the safest sports someone can participate in, no one regardless of fitness ability should swim alone or unsupervised.

A good high intensity training program in the pool will usually include a short 7 to 10 minute warm-up and at least eight 30 to 45 second sprints with about a minute rest in between each sprint. When using freestyle, having a strong emphasis on the kick is a sure way to use the larger muscles and achieve an oxygen deficit quickly. This is the intention of high intensity training.

Do not make changes to your exercise program without first being cleared by a medical doctor.