Experimental Thermal Burns

PREVIOUS: Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial | PREAMBLE We were unable to locate the original publisher of this document and chose to reproduce this important document to preserve the information. We were unable to locate the next page and additional references if they exist. In essence, this research proved that Aloe #1® Ointment proved theContinue reading “Experimental Thermal Burns”

Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial

PREVIOUS: Aloe #1 and Wound Healing | PREAMBLE The following note was written on two pieces of a doctors medical prescription pad marked “Form M D 215-1 July 1947 PRINTED IN U.S.A.”. Dr. Alice Eliclas, M.D. from 1 Madison Avenue, New York 10, NY TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 3-7000 refers to aloe-creme. Alo was Mr. StocktonsContinue reading “Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial”

Aloe #1 and Wound Healing

PREVIOUS: Aloe Creme Laboratories 03-12-1965 | PREAMBLE FDA Research Submitted by Eight Doctors as Follows: FDA presented to the top medical chiefs of armed services. Only one Doctor out of 35 or 40 questioned anything about the research. The one, Doctor Kernel Gold of Cincinnati, questioned how a wound could heal so quickly without bringingContinue reading “Aloe #1 and Wound Healing”