Body by Vi Scam

What else are they lying about?

This is one of those posts that I hate to put out there. I wish people did not use deceptive words to sell their nutrition products. If their products are any good, why would they use deception?

When it comes to supplements, I have seen this particular scam one too many times. I hope this video explanation helps put a stop to it. I am certainly not against supplements. What I am against is telling lies to mislead potential customers.


00:00 New Introduction
00:52 Original Introduction
02:35 Quoting the Vi Corporate Video
03:50 THE TRUTH – The REAL numbers
06:55 How much shake would you have to eat to get the nutrition from the food they mentioned
07:14 Who to NOT get nutrition advice from

    IN THIS VIDEO: (The Original Now “Age Restricted!” lol

0:00 Introduction
1:50 DVD Presentation Review (listen closely for the scam)
3:02 The DECEPTION explained
7:14 Who to NOT get nutrition advice from

Now, if you are upset with me for bashing the product…. I didn’t! (But I didn’t endorse Body by Vi either!) I am certain that their shake can give someone way better nutrition then what they are currently getting. But I wouldn’t recommend it for most people. I personally would recommend real food in the right amounts for most people.

But for some, these products are way better than what they usually eat! But most people would be better off choosing the right foods over a meal replacement powder that contains soy and sucralose among other things.

For those that are evaluating products for the sake of a potential career change or just a possible supplement to their income, I suggest considering 12 things before joining a direct sales company.

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99 replies on “Body by Vi Scam”

  1. Juanita Carr says:

    Dr. Haley, Thank you for putting this together to educate people in nutrition deception. I’ll take God given organic food over a man made powder shake any day! It’s absolutely ridiculous and down right sad when a company manipulates the uneducated just to make a buck. I’m with you on the BMW.. Although theyre nice I’ll take good health and a mini van over a Beemer any day! Many Blessings to you and your family.

    • michele roof says:

      Thank you so much for simply stating the facts
      My parents have fallen under the body by Vi hype they are in their 70’s and beleive that vi is the next goose that laid the golden egg I’ve been to the meetings( not by choice)and have seen their training,regiment ,now my parents simply make you feel bad about yourself,and try to force you to buy the product . stating it is a meal replacement and can save you money on your food bill at $102.00 a bag you sign a contract and autopay system and it comes every 2 weeks weather you want it or not In my case it would save on groceries because I would’nt have enough money to buy the healthy food I feed my family .
      thankyou once again for simply stating the facts

      • Meagan says:

        Michele-your parents must have their facts wrong. It is not $102 per bag. It is set up on autoship where you get your products once every month, not every 2 weeks and you can cancel that at any time and either turn it back on when you want more or leave it off. You are in no way under a contract. You’re just as bad as what you’re saying Visalus is if you think that what you’re doing is any different. You are posting things that simply aren’t true.

        Also, for most families, bodybyvi does save them money. The average American spends over $5 per person for every home cooked meal and more than that eating fast food. With bodybyvi you can replace 2 meals a day for $100 a month. For a 2 person family, the average cost of 2 meals a day for 30 days ends up being close to $300 if not more or those two people could replace two of those meals for $100 each. I know for a FACT that it has saved my family money and made us healthier people.

        I don’t care if you don’t want to try it or it’s not right for you, but don’t come on here posting information that is simply not true.

        • Ashley says:

          Meagan what are you their regional representative? It’s not that serious for you to attack Michele or anyone else. If people want to try the product one post will not stop them. You clearly must be one of the kids trying to sell sell sell to get a bmw because you are going way to hard for a product that you didn’t create.

          • rob says:

            ashley it also isnt that serious that you need to defend. such a freakin hypocrite….like you said, they didnt create the product. so in response you didnt make this video. geez get a life. they were just correcting her…not selling. i pray god hates you already

          • admin says:

            Rob, I wanted to pray that all of your prayers for others are answered toward you instead… but I didn’t have the heart to. Seeing your prayers… it just would have been a horrible thing to pray for.

        • owen says:

          You fail to mention once the Vi people have your information you are on the pain train trying to get them to stop! We did the 90 day challange at a cost of just under $1000. ( please dont tell me I didnt pay that) Didnt like it. Dont need a new car or car payment. Stoped it once
          only to start getting it again. You have to go through
          several hoops to get someone to stop it again. Turns out
          my wife was made a distributer so I cant stop the orders with out her taking time from work.
          When your business is all about making easy money
          some has to pay. If you want to be more healthy RUN
          (from these people)

          • Jerry Beck says:

            Rob “I pray god hates you already”…You’re a real class act. And this product seems suspect as hell… as does the way they motivate their sales people.

        • Anonymous says:


          Everything you said is correct and I feel you had every right to say something. If someone wants to go and say negative things about stuff they think they know a lot about well we can back it up if we want and people shouldn’t then in turn talk negative to us because of it just because we want to back up with facts.

      • Christine says:

        Intresting…I didn’t have to sign a contract or do i use this as a replacement meal. I still eat as i choose..whether it’s 3 times a day or 4…And autoship is only once a month deduction as any other bill that may automatically come out of your account. At which I can cancel at any point bc i am not obligated. I’ve seen and meet several people who this has helped not only with weight loss but health benefits also. Not to mention..for this to be such a terrible thing..Why would the “Biggest Loser” use this product for their purpose?

  2. Charity Bostrom says:

    Michael, I saw this same video and thought the same thing. I have a few friends that have been lured into this company because of not only the deception of its products but the emphasis on the money and the bmw. I appreciate you putting this together to inform the people.
    All Gods Blssings to you and your family, Charity

    • rob says:

      you have friends doing this and your the one saying they have been lured. what are they? children, geez let them be….stop being a hater. your not doing it right! so why do you have so much opposition to it. or is it because you want to do it but need somebody else opinion to make your decision….haha get a life, decides things on your own. by the way when your friends embark on new thing a friend supports it and doesnt knock it….god i hate people like you! i pray god hates you too

      • TIM says:

        Rob – You’re an idiot. A real friend protects their friends from scams that can potentially harm them either phyisically or financially.

      • Jay says:

        Ron I think the shake is making you a little cranky.

      • Shocked says:

        Those of you who keep saying “I pray God hates you” – In all my years, and all the insulting things I’ve heard people say to each other on this Earth, I’ve NEVER witnessed someone say that they pray God *hates* someone else. It almost sounds like you might be a Christian, or have been one once, but then mutated into a spiteful and bitter shell.
        You guys are bickering about powdered shakes. POWDERED SHAKES. You are literally wishing the wrath of God upon people due to their conflicting opinion of powdered friggin’ shakes. Please see how ridiculous that is.

        • admin says:

          Amen to that, Shocked.

        • Mel says:

          Wow too much, I agree. What a hateful thing to say about something so trivial.I wonder what people like that say about something that really matters.

          • A Perez says:

            They are Awful!!! Apparently you haven’t followed the Teaparty or Westborro Baptist Church… They even have signs that say G_D hate gays, soldiers, Jews Muslims, you name it; welcome to the real world 🙂

  3. Delores says:

    We live in a lazy society so thinking that you get so much more in that shake fits with people’s lives. Eating good food is so much better and it filling and satisfying. But it takes time and many want a quick fix. So these companies continue to flourish.
    I am a farmer. I raise the best food but no one gives me a BMW!!! Sounds really unfair!!! It is a money making scheme disguised as health much as GMO seeds are disquised as food.

    • rob says:

      not everyone has a farm…plus veggies are expensive as xxxx. this is something thats marketed for convenience. which it is. so what if other people are into it, its their perogative so how is that unfair. market your crop better and you might get more money…just a thought….anyway alot of people want to diet but dont know what to eat, yah you can go online and find millions of recipes but whats easier and cheaper than having buy all those ingredients to make one dish……yah a xxxxxx shake!!!! get a life, you own a farm right what the xxxxyou even on here commenting anyway since apparently you know the secret to weight loss

  4. Abe says:

    Thanks for the info. I have some friends caught up in this and are seeing weight drops from the meal replacement. I don’t know how much of this is a placebo effect since they’re really caught up in the dream to get rich. It would be interesting to see if similar results can be had from any other meal replacement if one is trying to get rich from it.

    • Meagan says:

      Even customers who aren’t promoting the products see results and they don’t made a single penny off of it at all.

    • rob says:

      your retarded. placebo effect really…if their losing weight from it then be happy for them. geez any kind of dieting needs willpower. its a nutritional shake, ad for how much or whether or not its the best or worst one it is a diet shake. do even know what placebo effect means. it would have to be like water for your comment to be valid. your comment truely is the most retarded one on here. i pray god hates you as much as having brains hates you

      • TK says:

        You clearly sell Body by Vi, which is fine; however, your nasty comments would clearly turn anyone on the fence, to not want to even try Body by Vi. Why don’t you send some of your responses to Body by Vi corporate & ask what they think?

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re retarded.

  5. Erica De Leon says:

    Thank you for all the information you provided .

  6. Nicole O ' Neal says:

    I’m a personal trainer and teach long lasting life style changes. Thanks so much for this video. Doesn’t matter what the shakes are made of… The body needs to chew food to fill full and we need to learn what foods to eat! Thanks so much!

    • Meagan says:

      Actually, as someone who has been drinking 2 shakes a day for over 100 days now, I can honestly say that NO, you do not need to chew food to feel full. That is just ridiculous. Your body feels full when it gets what it needs and I’m putting more nutrients into my body now that I ever have before even when I was counting calories and trying to eat better.

      • Randy says:

        Ok I’m going to put this out there with the feeling full. I know of someone that used a product like this that had to have emergency surgery for a blockage in his intestines. The product makes you feel full by a product like yeast. Everyone that I know that sells this stuff and uses this stuff are over weight. I know someone that is saying she is losing weight for over a year promoting her BMW and garbage and I know she hasn’t lost a pound. She photo shopped a pic as well. Then she is also telling kids, pregnant people, well actually everyone that it is good for them when she has no clue. It is a scam, eat healthy and get workout a bit. That is the way to do it.

      • Nanners says:


        ANY meal replacement shake will help you lose weight.
        Skip the bad for you SOY PROTEIN and incorporate spinach into your shake.
        Same results, lower price, better health.

        Also, get off your high horse. kthx.

    • rob says:

      yah okay so how much do you charge? yah thats what i thought your more expensive and alot of people dont have the time…hence they look for something convenient like this….stop being a hater. i pray god hates you already. whats funny is body by vi peeked your interest enough for you find this website and watch the video….guess your not a great personal trainer since you have so much free time to knock on something that apparently doesnt work….

      • Jay says:

        That’s, what’s, doesn’t all have that funny looking dot like thing before the last letter Rob. Oh, and you snuck in another your instead of you’re on me you sly dog!

  7. Joanne says:

    Have you ever heard of shakeology? I would be curious to know what your opinion is about that product. I’ve heard it’s an excellent source of nutrition and I’ve trusted Beachbody for years so I would be interested of getting an unbiased opinion on that product.

    • Nicole says:

      I would also love a unbiased opinion on Shakeology! I have used the product for awhile now and it has done wonders for me! Hope you will consider to reveiew Shakeology!

    • Heather Champagne says:

      I am considering Shakeology, and would also love a review on it!

      • rob says:

        samething retards….geez

        • Heather says:


          Shakeology isn’t cheap, but it’s because the ingredients that are in it. It’s been clinically proven to help people who have diabetes (and no, just a regular protein shake DOES NOT DO THAT). It includes certain vitamins and minerals that are very pure and effective in how they nourish the body. I gladly spend my money on that. I don’t need to lose any weight, but I take it for mental clarity and the ability to focus throughout the day. It works.

    • El says:

      God doesn’t hate people silly. God is Love!

  8. Kim says:

    Thank you for this REAL info!!! I have a close friend caught up in this TRAP! He tries to get me to go to shake parties. He also talks about the BMW. If something was that great it is my own personal opinion that you wouldnt need to lure people with $$$ or Fancy high end cars, to get them to buy or use a product! Mcdonalds uses catchy ads, toys, fun commercials, low cost foods etc to entice their customers to buy their food. We all know what kind of food they serve. I’m not comparing these shakes to mcdonalds bad food. Just that it seems products that are not so great for us or companies that are trying to make big $$$$ always have all these bells and whistles to smoke screen what is really going on….My friend has been recently having BAD muscle cramps. I dont know if its from these shakes but I don’t remember him getting these before. Again this is just my own opinion. I would rather eat RAW food, it’s way more fun!!!! 🙂

  9. John says:

    A “friend” just asked me to take a look at this website and take the Body by Vi challenge. I appreciate the info Dr. Haley and the research. I had a feeling it was some type of MLM, get rich scheme!

  10. Jose Rivera says:

    Thank you so much for the info, I’m currently with 4Life Research, and we have some great products for the health. I’m glad you put that info out because it gives us good company a bad name. As you may already know, our company has the star product “Transfer Factor” witch has been pattern until 2032. This Transfer Factor helps to boost your immune systems and is found in many of our products, including the “shake” witch has a lot of other nutrients. This company Body By Vi has tried to recruit me too but for some reason I can’t buy into it. Specially with the BMW deal. If I want a BMW or Mercedez Ben I could buy it or lease it with my great residual income that I get from my company. The question is, Do I get to return the BMW if I quit or that I have to keep paying for it after I quit.

  11. Jay says:

    Not to mention, how much of this is the body unable to store? What your body cannot use just results in very expensive urine. Eat real food. Thank you Dr. Haley!

  12. booduh says:

    LOLOLOL body by vi people must be feeling stupid now. props, doc. haha

  13. Ryan Duncan says:

    SIR THANK GOD FOR YOU! AND BLESS YOUR HEART! I WAS JUST STATING THE SAME THING LAST NIGHT!!!! I am Ryan Duncan, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I have a passion for fighting the obesity rate, making people strong and giving them incredible health, and I also have a strong hatred and dislike for people messing with other individuals health, for any reason especially just to strike a comission check and driving a leased BMW. Thank you for your video I am posting it on my Facebook and all other sources so people will see the truth you, and I are talking about! Thankyou for your research it is much appreciated, add me on facebook too!

  14. Giovanni Sanchez says:

    Thank god I was investigating this product. I had an appointment with a friend that is using this product to maybe get involved as well but now that Ived seen this video I doubt it. Will stick to good old excersise. I knew there was something fishy here. They are just like herbalife. Thanks for the info

    • Kim says:

      check out the “Other Ingrediants” I googled some of them, I couldn’t even pronounce them! I was horrified! The other stuff kills the good stuff! and where are they getting their vitamins??? are they organic??? or synthetic????
      I think Dr. Haley should have a spread sheet on the “Other Ingrediants” the side effects and what that stuff is really used for! I know Vi uses a sugar substitute, forgot the name of it…Anyway I checked it out…Just that alone is a red flag….The company claims it’s safe…IT’S NOT!” Please research the other ingrediants for yourself….

  15. Lorie says:

    Thank you for breaking down this information into the SIMPLE TRUTH! As consumers, we need to pay closer attention and not be lured into the hype!
    Bless you!

  16. Heather says:

    That actually sucks, ALL food makes me sick (exept rice sometimes), the shake I tried I gave me gas and a bit of a tummy ache, but it didn’t make me throw up or make me feel queezy 🙁 I guess I will not order it… the search continues.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have been on the BodyBiVi scam and lost 90 pounds and 12 inches in my waist and have more energy than I ever had . I have a lung disease pulmonary Hypertension and my breathing has improved , So if it’s a scam I will take more like it .

    • admin says:

      That’s great, anonymous. I don’t doubt that people can improve while using Body by Vi. I simply wanted to point out that it isn’t what the presentation video made it out to be. Did you make any other changes other than adding Body by Vi to your diet?

      • rob says:

        whats funny is that you claim to not have knocked on body by vi but for some reason every single comment on here claims how horrible it is and thanks you for showing them that light. way to stick to your guns. especially at the end when your still trying to find another possible reason hes getting healthier. he said its because of body by vi… get over it. it works for some and for some it doesnt. your a quack, hope your practice is doing great Donald D. Md

        • admin says:

          Of course I doubt the comment, genius. They chose to be anonymous! That is, not even confident enough about the comment to write in their name. Even you wrote “Rob” and then signed “Donald D. Md”. I have to suspect that these are the kinds of things that come from people selling it trying to justify their position. Therefore, as a sales person, they are suddenly more motivated to do what it takes to lose the weight to prove the efficacy. You know it’s true… just admit it. (quack quack)

        • Jay says:

          I’m sorry rob but I can’t take it anymore. Know when to use your and you’re. I can help if you like.

  18. Kenyatta says:

    I’ve lost 30lbs on the BBV “Scam” and I usually don’t respond to post or videos like this, but I’m tired of all the negativity!! Yes BBV may not be for everybody…NOTHING is!! But don’t say everybody needs to learn to eat right & exercise to lose weight…that’s unrealistic. I;m married to a former pro athlete & hes preached that to me for years…..and I tried that for years unsuccessfully. and the fact that I’m hypo thyroid doesn’t help either. Ironically after losing weight & keeping it off on BBV not only do I make healthier food choices but I am no longer taking synthroid for my thyroid issues. What ever “ingredients” are in the shakes is providing me & my family with better nutrition then what I was putting in my body before BBV. My husband who’s a former NFL player and is very health conscience had the shakes cleared through the Strength & Conditioning coaches on the NFL level & UFL level before he would drink one & he dissected every ingredient. Turns out 1 shake a day has leveled his blood sugar and he’s no longer on insulin!! Finally on a pill after being on the needle for his diabetes since he was a teenager!! and he’ll be 30 this year!! So speak for yourself…everyone’s entitled to there opinion but don’t knock those who it’s working for or talk others out of what may be a Blessing to them as well. I was already driving a BMW that’s was paid for when I started and did not jump on board looking to make money. I started as just a customer…After trying weight watchers, Atkins, HCG & prescription Phentermine all unsuccessfully to lose weight, it was my last hope before opting for surgery!!! I thank God for this company & the products..The BMWs and financial perks are just an added bonus but I would tell ppl about ViSalus for FREE!

    • KP says:

      I see your a seller of BBV…..Well, Facts are facts…..This Video speaks voulme….
      Not just talk or hear say. Yes we all have opinions…..I’m glad there are forums like this so people can decide for themselves what they want to believe….so they can see both sides……pros and cons…. So thanks for your post……

    • admin says:

      Hi Kenyatta.

      I don’t know if you watched the video. You pretty much said the same things that I did in my post. I wrote it like this: “I am certain that their shake can give someone way better nutrition then what they are currently getting.”

      But the video was not about whether their product is good or bad. This post and video was about the lies presented for financial gain. I exposed the lie and it is impossible to refute.

      I think that anything sold should be sold in truth and buyers should have an accurate picture of what they are getting… even if it is soy and sucralose.

    • Jay says:

      Kenyatta did you and Rob go to the same school? There is a difference between there and their. Too bad your crappy shakes can’t help you and rob with simple English.

      • Michael says:

        You are just as bad as Rob as well. You choose to critique the things which are not important at all.
        My guess is that Rob is in fact an idiot. My guess also is that Jay is a coach for beachbody, or similar.
        I am not for against either product. I came on here for research purposes and every other post from Rob and Jay is off topic and immature.

        • Jay says:

          Michael, you hurt me. I don’t know what Beachbody is nor do I care. I got on this website because I know some of my dear friends have join this cult. So, let’s stay on subject as you suggest. I’m 52 years old, and I run 40-50 miles a week, racing most weekends. By weight, lipids, bp, hr, are all perfect. Stop researching this crap and go make it happen. Burn more calories than you eat and I promise you you will lose weight and feel better. BTW, people like Rob are idiots with an “I hate you” mentality, so if I can intelligently toy with them like a cat does a mouse, too much fun.

  19. Lori says:

    Thank you Dr. Haley! I have some friends who are “caught up in the hype”. They use the BMW and the “party while making money” as a ploy to lure me which I find very offensive. I can’t add much more than what is stated in the above comments, but I want to say that I agree with this whole thing taking advantage of people who have nothing to cling to and no research skills of their own. I also take offense to people whom you haven’t seen in ages suddenly pretending to “care about you”, ….the next thing you know it’s the sales pitch….as if the losing weight and staying fit is secondary…If people learn to eat properly they wouldn’t have to spend a fortune trying to lose weight. The only magic potion we need is common sense.

  20. ThatGirl says:

    I am getting so fed up with fielding acquaintances and friends that keep hitting my up with their MLM crap! This Body by Vi is just the latest. I admit, I use an MLM line but just for myself – I do not market or pester anyone that I know! there are a few products (cleaning product line) that I really do like but in good conscience only sell to people that are interested and typically at my rate or greatly reduced …. and even then it is overpriced!
    I try to eat as clean as possible; and do the math: the less I sweat and the more I overindulge the bigger I get! “great bodies start in the kitchen” not in a MLM shake!

    • admin says:

      You know, Joe and Julia, I certainly don’t have any problems with the multi-level marketing business structure. The real problem is when the reason to buy the product is tied in with the hope of making money. If the product can’t stand on it’s own apart from a business opportunity, it shouldn’t (and eventually won’t) survive. When most of the customers are also in it for the business, something is definitely wrong.

    • Meagan says:

      What company do you know that isn’t structured like a MLM? In every company you have a CEO, President, Vice President, Middle Management and Hard Working Employees.

      Ok, so let’s take BBV ranks. You have Ambassador, Presidential Director, National Director, Regional Director, Director and Active Associate.

      In both cases, there is someone at the top making money off of the work that others are doing. And in both cases, you have the potential to go from Active Associate or Hard Working Employee to Ambassador or CEO. The difference is, with BBV you can get to Ambassador in just a few years. Tell me who goes from Hard Working Employee to CEO of that same company in just a few years.

      Point is, don’t knock MLM until you really understand how it works.

      • admin says:

        Great point, Meagan. I feel the same way about… well, have you read my post “Is Beyond Organic a Pyramid?“?

      • goat says:


        You must not understand how a MLM system works. Its a pyramid scam.

        The point of the sales isnt to sell product, it is to convince other’s to sell the product as well. Walmart doesnt go to its costomers and say “hey open a walmart and convince your friends to do the same”.

        A NORMAL business has employees and employees sales people to sell their product. They have customers that will buy their product and nothing else. Their sales pitch is about the benefits of the product and nothing else. You build a client base of repeat consumers (not a base of sellers), and make money from people actually buying the product. MLM’s make money from people buying the product because they are hyped to sell it. There are very few non sellers (clients).

        I have friends who are selling for Body by Vi right now, and i asked them if i could just buy the meal replacement and nothing else. They got extremely agitated hounding me to sell the product instead.

        If it is a great product, i dont need to go to a meeting to find out about it. Ill just buy it from the person selling it. Period.

        What happens is eventually, everyone is selling it and no one is buying. The people at the bottom of the pyramid end up the big losers, the people on top, get rich and move on to the next MLM scam.

        • Michael says:


          You do not have to sell the BBV product to use it. Do they recommend this? Yes. Do people who have no business using the product or selling the product use and/or sell it? Yes.
          I was in Walmart trying to buy a television. I was talking to a person who had no business selling televisions.
          American people lack common sense, in general.
          I am set to try this product. I will not invest more than I am financially able. If I see results then great. If I decide to promote the product, great.
          If your “friends” behave that way then they are no friends really. The woman I will buy from has not hassled me or pressured me to do any more than buy product.
          Her sales pitch was this, ” I tried the product and loved it and after 6 weeks decided to promote it. Maybe you will do the same thing and maybe you won’t.”

  21. Kenny says:

    So I recently went to a Body Vi Challenge party. I dont think anyone liked me because I was disgusted by the false promotional information. When the DVD got to the food list, my thoughts were exactly what you said. How much of that food overlaps? How accurate could that possibly be? I know just by looking at the back of their package, that my 12oz Top Round Steak has more protein than Body Vi does. I know that a healthy serving of mixed vegetables will get me all of the vitamins and minerals that they list on their powder. And the great thing is, my body was already built to digest food that comes from nature. Rather than food that comes from a lab. But what do I know? I just eat everyday.

  22. Someone says:

    Last week, I got a sample packet of the 90 day challenge from another woman. This evening, I poured the powder into a glass of lukewarm soy milk, mixed it up and drank it. It tasted great!

    3 hours later now, I’m throwing up like there’s no tomorrow. WTH? I don’t have any food allergies that I know of. Never threw up in 18 years! And I eat everything edible!

    I don’t even need to lose weight. I was a little hungry and wanted a quick meal equivalent because cooking dinner was a lot of work with my final exam coming up on Monday. The packet said that I could mix one packet of Vi-Shape with 8-12 ounces of milk and have it instead of a meal. Sounded like a good deal to me. The expiration date on the packet is in 2014.

    I’ve wasted 30 minutes throwing up and cleaning up, another 15 minutes searching for online posts about throwing up with Vi, and now 5 minutes posting this.

    Beware of this stuff. It may not be right for you!

  23. Leigh says:

    In this world of instant gratification where one can get things any way they want it, it’s no surprise to see another get slim quick deal. If it works for you great! There is such a way of healthy mindful eating though. Combined with exercise & proper hydration for your body weight, healthy mindful eating will leave you feeling energized and focused throughout the day! Whole raw fruits and vegetables mixed in with your Omega rich nuts and fish are cost efficient, they taste better, and it’s something the entire family can enjoy!

  24. rikke says:

    Thanks for the great video showing the obvious data manipulation body by vi is using to dupe consumers. I saw the video and suspected it myself…

    I have been annoyed by the body by vi thing for some time now. I have several so called friends who have been converted and now I am constantly bombarded by requests to join their shake parties and their “vi life” propaganda. I have gone from friend to dollar signs to these people. I have a great job that I enjoy, and it doesn’t require that I continually comb over my friends and family in order to make a profit. I love being able to help someone build a business by being a customer, but it usually goes for things I already need/use on a regular basis (car repair, computer help, handyman services, etc).

    Regarding the BMW bonus. Those who qualify for this bonus must maintain their status in order to receive the monthly bonus designated to cover the monthly payment. The pressure is on – someone who signs a three year least on a car they couldn’t previously afford are now locked in to maintain that level or risk defaulting. When I get a raise or a new car, I don’t make a little sign and stand next to it “I told you so”. Pride cometh before the fall.

    I too prefer to chew my food. Reconstituted powder is just not my thing. I’ve managed to lose weight and go from a size 10 to a size 6 in my 30s by just changing the way I eat and walking 2 miles a day.

    • Danny says:

      You bring up a great point. I have 2 friends that started working the BBV circuit for the extra money and bmw. They both ended up reaching their goal and got their keys. It is only an allowance towards your own multi-year lease. Rather than promoting a cash bonus or trip to Hawaii, BBV realized, “if we lock these people into being reliant on us for years, they’ll never give up”.

      Sure enough, both friends had some of their customer stop renewing their products and no longer get their car allowance. They are both now stuck with a car they cant afford and are fighting to gain ANY new customers they can. Nutrition and healthy lifestyles are the furthest thing from their mind.

      • Michael says:


        You are right. Common sense.

        If you cannot afford the car, then you simply cannot. Your friends should have taken the cash bonus or the trips instead of signing a lease they could not afford.

        I agree it is unfortunate and not something that should be entered into lightly or foolishly.

  25. Evolv Health says:

    My wife an I are former ViSalus Promoters and we gave up a sizable paycheck and a BMW payment based solely on product quality. We switched to Evolv health because they are 100% all natural and contain NO soy protein isolate and NO sucralose! Check the link above for more information on that. It’s great to see that not everyone is buying into the hype. You are right, for many these shakes are a great alternative to the terrible nutrition or lack thereof that they normally would ingest on a daily basis. Great post!

  26. goat says:

    First, if the product only have 12 grams of protein, 2 chicken breasts beats that hands down. Anyone who has base knowledge of nutrition knows that.

    Second, congratulations on people success using the product (not selling the product) in their weight loss. Something is better than nothing. Replacing a meal of Mcdonalds with something healthy (even if its benefits were extremely exaggerated) and exercising is a good thing. hence your weight loss.

    Third, the BMW is taken out in your name and you are given $600 a month to finance the car. If your sales drop, they no longer pay for the car. If you cant afford to pay the $600 guess what? The car is repossessed.

  27. John "MF" Doe says:

    i knew this was a scam and i have an idea that it will effect the people losing weight like if they were on the liquid diet

    i think as soon as they drop all the weight and lose the shake it just gains all back

    and in order for them to stay at their weight they will have to invest in more body by vi products in order to stay in shape bringing more income to the body by vi productions

    at least thats how i predict this whole thing is

    nothing beats regular foods and actually working out than doing it the lazy way all the people need to really do is just change their eating habits but its like people don’t want to do that

  28. Mike says:

    I appreciate you putting this together. Do you by any chance have something similar for JuicePlus? Thanks again.

  29. Jen says:

    From listening to the endless “Stepford” community rhetoric, I could have swore it was Kool-aid, not a shake. Thank you for helping us break down the ‘Baited Manipulative Words’ … I’m sick of the BMW chat too, Dr. Haley! Sadly, both of my parents, a few siblings, and a peppering of extended family are on the BBV bandwagon. They’re ALL fb friends of mine as well. Probably a dozen of my 360 fb friends fill my wall with their new found religion and this strange god named Vi. My other 348 friends don’t post nearly as often … combined!! Brainwash much? I knew the multi-marketing (a new, fancy pyramid scheme) was dangerous but I assumed the product wasn’t harmful. It was near impossible to obtain information without going to one of their meetings or watching a video (red flag). I wasn’t going to do that. Apparently it turns once vibrant minds to mush. I do believe the accountability and Atkins based diet that goes along with the supplements result in weight loss but I can do that without “yummy, yummy shakes.” My husband got a free (not leased) family membership to the YMCA through his employer’s wellness program so I started my more active journey a few months ago and even though it’s still quite round and I have a distance to go, I’ll be content with my Body by Y!!

  30. Ryan says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be bashing ViSalus “Dr”.Haley because you promote another health/wellness company would you?

    Just wondered, the only people that are upset with ViSalus are those that signed up and thought a BMW/money would be handed to them and put no effort forward, thus received nothing.

    It’s completely fine you try to bash a company that’s doing splendid in the North American region and have your own opinion, but try to make it an unbiased opinion. meal replacements have been used for years and years. Those posting saying you need actual food you chew, you certainly do.. No where in any of the ViSalus videos does it say to use their product and their product only for nutrition.

    • admin says:

      That’s an interesting perspective Ryan… but I have to wonder if you read the post or watched the video. I didn’t bash the company or product. But I did point out the lie that they tell in their marketing video. I never bought a ViSalus product nor signed up for the business and have nothing to be upset about… although I can’t stand liars.

      Of course I promote another company. I primarily promote Stockton Aloe 1 since I own it and believe in the products. I also promote my Chiropractic Clinic since I own it and believe in the benefits of chiropractic. Regarding Beyond Organic… I wouldn’t doubt if to date I am their single biggest customer. With my large family we buy gobs of Beyond Organic food since we truly believe it is the best. And considering my profession, I am obligated to teach people. And since I am teaching it, I choose to profit from those things I teach.

      I suppose that if I taught people to supplement their diets with soy protein, I would probably recommend a product similar to ViSalus. Although I don’t recommend many soy products… so ViSalus and other soy proteins are out of the question for me anyway. But if I did agree with soy protein, I couldn’t recommend ViSalus – since their promotional materials are faulty. I would always be questioning if what is on the package labels is also a lie. But I did not bash them. I just exposed the truth regarding a false claim. As a teacher, that is one of the things I do.

      Thanks again for your feedback.


      ~ Dr. Michael Haley

  31. Barry Johnson says:

    It’s about time this pyramid scheme ‘Body by Vi’ scam gets exposed.

    Fooling a bunch of desperate idiots into pretending they’re gonna spend the rest of their lives living off overpriced mediocre meal-replacement shakes. Pathetic.

    BTW, ever notice how average and generic the Vi reps look in candid pics? Yeah, I guess the “lifestyle” wears out pretty quick, huh?

  32. t says:

    Dr. Haley,

    I, too, believe in Chiropractic & natural methods of health. Have you ever heard of Shaklee &/or have an opinion on their products, marketing, etc…? I would love to hear your feedback as well as why you don’t recommend soy when it has been a prevalent staple in asian culture for many, many years with great benefits. -t

  33. Amanda says:

    Yes I agree, It’s about time this pyramid scheme ‘Body by Vi’ scam gets exposed. I was a customer & got sick from it gained weight , was with a group called VIP Challengers when I asked ?? they bashed me & would go back to your not eating enough or to much blaugh blaugh, more water , I was drinking 10-12 glasses a day. they are not open to “What if it does not work ?? Some product’s are not for everyone
    Gosh ban me when I spoke my mind it was not working ,.I know alot of customers were having gassy issues ,not losing , I suppose they got banned to, Oh well better off , i LIKE TO EAT, & will be happy at 134 pounds knowing I don’t have stomach pains ect anymore I feel real sorry for people who fall for this HYPE!! thumbs down VI life sucked

  34. TK says:

    My friend has been trying to get me to try Body by Vi for some time now & is bothered that I won’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great, but for me, I would just gain the weight back without the product, so I don’t bother with weight loss supplements. I also don’t believe it drinking shakes or taking supplements for nutritional benefits. Another friend had forwarded me an article from a nutritionist regarding the dangers of soy in products like Body by Vi, Herbalife, etc. In that article, it mentioned a client who was taking Body by Vi & his thyroid stopped working properly. The very next day, my friend who sells the Body by Vi told me she had to go to the doctor because she stopped losing weight on Body by Vi & PX90 & after bloodwork, discovered her thyroid had stopped & she is now on thyroid medicine. I then forwarded her that article, which she then forwarded to Body By Vi & of course they told her that it cannot be from the shakes & if she’s worried about soy, to not use soy milk, which she didn’t use anyway. Of course, she believed them because they are the “experts”. I’m happy that she’s making lots of money & earned her BMW, but at what cost to her health & those she’s selling to? Now she is signing up pregnant women & promoting giving it to children because of the wonderful health benefits. I just don’t understand why prescriptions require warning labels but supplements do not. Now she’s saying that Body By Vi has teamed up with The Biggest Loser (NBC) & they will be promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. How many more people are going to harm their bodies now?

  35. Stew says:

    ya’know, I thought there was something fishy about those guys. I’ve seen these tactics before (Goji juice, Noni, Mangosteen, etc.). Are they all the same people?
    I’m a physician trying to tackle obesity like every other physician. I would love to see something other than gastric bypass or the gastric ring as a weight loss solution but honestly, people need to learn self control and have discipline.
    NEWSFLASH!!! There IS NO Jesus pill! It’s just you.
    Some of my patients use this product. Most have gotten good results or NO result. In either case, the ones who began using this product 3-6 months ago have already stopped. Why? You tell me.

  36. Micah says:

    I would also like to point out a deception. The deception of taking the time to make a video about a shake that has more benefit to a normal person than most fast food meals and TV dinners which is for the most part what Visalus shake replaces along with GMO foods and TV dinners. Yes I agree that looking at the video the presentation is deceptive but what the Visalus company has successfully done is move people away from a much more un healthy lifestyle. Most people who are replacing meals with the shake and followed the program also start eating better as a result and in the end maybe stays on shake a day as a supplement for good protein and fiber. So the real deception is maybe they are deceiving people to be more healthy by starting small. Over 11 million pounds lost so far can’t deserve all that energy when you could make a video about McDonalds and TV dinners not to mention Monsanto, GMO, vaccinations, smoking, and Fluoride in our water. People also forget that in todays world the average budget for food per day is $5-$9 try to do the all organic natural meal on that budget. Do some research on GMO and how people have no idea when they are eating Genetically modified corn and soy etc. The list goes on but please spend some time and do some videos on what the real problem is Obesity! Not a simple $2 shake that has helped people all over USA and Canada

    • admin says:

      Interesting, Michah. Are you suggesting that it is OK for ViSalus to lie since it is for a good cause? And how do you know that ViSalus isn’t GMO? They already lied once. How do you know they didn’t do it again? Regarding your suggestion that I should focuson GMO and the likes – Mosanto, fast food… have you ever looked at how much time and content I have spent on those issues? Have you mentioned anything that I haven’t addressed already? In fact, you might want to read some of my material about soy and how we already get way too much estrogen forming foods in our diets.

  37. grey says:

    Not to defend Body by Vi. But you should take a look to Shakeology ad in beachbody but they market their shake exactly the same way as BbV does.. I even thought that BBV was “stealing” Shakeology’s strategy to sell their product….

  38. Michael says:

    I would say that this has been rather informative really. I have read all the posts and enjoyed the wisdom and thoughts displayed.
    Do the research, know the risks, keep your eyes open, and most importantly make decisions that are rationally based around your own situation.

    No two bodies are the same and what works for one will not necessarily work for another.

  39. Tammy says:

    I understand Body By Vi is not for everyone and trust me I was rather distrusting of the product. But, after suffering from severe thyroidism and lupus for many years, I was unable to loose the 100 lbs I put on. My weight gain was NOT the result from over eating or simply bad food choices. In three weeks I have lost 12.8 lbs and this is something I thought I would never be able to do. I combine the shakes with following the diabetic diet and the two combinations seem to be working. Do I want to be a promotor? No. But I am willing to spend the 300 bucks each month to loose weight and to feel better about myself.

  40. Mariah Pastore says:

    Thank you dr. Haley for this video. This really look like a unsafe way to lose weight. I hope people understand that you can’t just drink a protein shake and take supplements and lose weight. Let alone keep off. I believe you need Nutation+fitness+support=success.

  41. Dave Strasemeier says:

    Dr. Haley forgot to mention one important element. You really don’t know for sure what is in the shake. No one has checked that there is any of the nutrition in that shake they say is in the package. The FDA has no control over this industry since Oren Hatch managed to get the FDA out of herbal product sales. Oren Hatch is from Utah, the largest producer of natural supplements. This is nothing new for the industry to overblow their product.

  42. Mike says:

    Great post Dr Haley

    I put my own thoughts together here. Hope it goes down well 🙂

  43. A Perez says:

    I like a good PPT Presentation; I am looking at some of the rebuttals from assumingly Vi Representatives and if that’s what I would have to deal with if I ordered the stuff and perhaps wanted my money back after 90 days… I don’t want it. Seems unprofessional. Very Sorry but this is what I’m seeing.

  44. george says:

    we live in a society today that feeds off social media.I wont say if these shakes are nutritious or bad for you but i do agree with haley thats this is more business than helping with nutrition.Yes i think most people will lose weight by drinking two shakes a day from body by vi for a large fee per month,but i also believe anybody can do this by themselves at home with protien shakes and fruits and vegtables fresh from the store.We are a lazy society and just want that magic pill to loss weight and when you mix social media into that then people start to believe there is a magic pill and do not want to cook or prepare fresh foods, they just want it to be easy and will believe all the hype.Believe me i have been caught up in it a time or two.this body by vi is sort of new so thats what people want,you tell them to excercise and eat fresh fruits and vegtables well thats just how its been for a long time and people dont want to do it…they want magic and something new.I have wanted that too but have come to realize that its not there and and you have to work at it to lose weight and be healthier about the things we eat

  45. A Perez says:

    OMG! I have a whole bunch of relatives and strangers trying to sell this to me. –
    —Their whole spiel is about you getting involved to make more money, not about getting into shape.
    — I have had strangers approach me and say hey like they know me then go on about this mysterious “website” that they are developing. when you ask them whats on the website or whats the pitch, they just say look “at the website and you will know” (Kinda Like a 1/2 Yoda / 1/2 Jim Jones vibe here).

  46. Liz phillips says:

    No one has touched on the lost of friends and family that is lost by trying to sell this stuff. I know of one marriage this broke up because of the time and money it took from the family. They teach you to start the lying with friends and family . Izzy

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