Do This And You Might Never Need A Chiropractor!

After seeing patients with stiff spines for over 15 years, I have learned a few things about what it takes to be healthy. And one thing I can be certain of, is that there is a direct relationship between the function of someone’s spine and their overall health.

This makes complete sense since the skull and spine protect the central nervous system which controls the body. Stress and tension on this “axial skeleton” puts stress on the central nervous system, and that is not conducive to good health.

The problem usually starts when we get so busy that we fail to take time to take care of ourselves.

Consider the cat and dog. They are some of the least busy creatures on the planet. They do what they want or mindlessly do what we programmed them to do… or, they do nothing at all. But when they get up from doing nothing at all, they take time to stretch. And when they stretch, they do it with an emphasis on their spines. And they will stretch their spines several times a day – literally after every period of inactivity.

I am convinced that what should be an innate action in us was meant to protect us from a degenerating spine and the “vertebral subluxation complex”, the spinal condition that chiropractors work to correct.

But for some reason, we educated humans don’t stretch our spines innately. I am convinced that this is why there is a demand for chiropractic in almost every plaza in America.

But it may be easier to prevent spinal problems from developing than to fix them later. And keeping our spines functioning can slow down the spine degeneration process and may even reverse it to some extent.

“Disc dessication” or disc dehydration from lack of proper spinal joint function is a condition that can cause pain, arthritis, joint range of motion abnormalities, decreased nerve funtion, changes to your health, and further joint degeneration; and it is a preventable condition.

Chiropractic adjustments are particularly beneficial when it comes to restoring individual spinal segments to proper function. Supporting and maintaining function with proper exercises following a chiropractic adjustment is a key to getting better quickly and preventing future problems once your former spinal problems have been corrected. The combination of chiropractic and proper exercise can prove to be a winning combination and a path to better physical performance, less pain, and more health.

Follow Up: Today, I found a very related article about this very same thing proving it works. You can find it at the It is titled “For Neck Pain, Chiropractic and Exercise Are Better Than Drugs”

Michael Haley
Pompano Beach, FL 33060


If You Want To Have Big Arms…

Back in the 1980’s, I was reading a book about body building. I think it was authored by¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger. It said something like: “If you want to have big arms, you have to have a big chest; And if you want to have a big chest, you have to have big legs”.

Well, back then, I didn’t really understand how the legs and arms were related. It made sense to me that the arms and chest were related, because you can’t really train your chest without training your arms. But you don’t have to use your arms at all to train your legs.

Then in the 1990’s I went to Chiropractic school. I started learning about hormones by reading Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology Eighth Edition. On page 825 it taught me that there were times when growth hormone secretion was higher, like after strenuous exercise.

I also learned that more physical stress creates more demand and larger growth hormone releases; And that more growth hormones meant better physical strength, greater endurance, more muscle, higher metabolism, and less fat.

Suddenly what the terminator said made sense. By training your legs, you create much more physical stress on the body. This would create more growth hormones that would improve the strength and size of your arms – whether you trained them or not!

Now knowing that, I like to make sure I am first training the larger muscle groups – particularly the legs, thighs, gluteals, and lower back muscles – to create the physical stress on the body that will demand greater growth hormone releases. This is a key to more youthful physical abilities even in our later years.



Today, I spent some time on the PowerVibe… that is, an oscillating plate that has many exercise benefits including:

  • increasing lymphatic flow
  • increasing circulation
  • increasing metabolism
  • strengthening muscles including core
  • stimulating the release of growth hormones
  • training balance

As you think about your exercise routines, consider whether or not you are mixing it up enough. That is, are you stuck in the same old routine or do you try new exercises that challenge different muscle groups?

As always, consult with a physician before making significant changes to your exercise schedule.