Homemade Almond Butter – drhaley.com

My family likes to substitute almond butter for the less desirable peanut butter. Almonds are less likely to cause allergy problems and have plenty of desireable nutrition benefits over peanuts. For instance, almonds have lots of vitamin E. They are high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. Almonds have healthy fats that can helpContinue reading “Homemade Almond Butter – drhaley.com”

“FruitScream” Our 100% Frozen Fruit Treat

The recipe book for our Samson juicer calls it “sorbet”. I’m sorry, but sorbet doesn’t sound American and it doesn’t sound nutritious… so we propose the name “FruitScream”. Even if it never catches on and you don’t call it that, the Haley family will always call it that; so that’s what I’m going with. 100%Continue reading ““FruitScream” Our 100% Frozen Fruit Treat”