Oral Toxicity Aloe Vera Gel

PREVIOUS: Experimental Thermal Burns | PREAMBLE NO TOXICITY REPORT ACUTE ORAL LD50 TOXICITY STUDYALOE GEL FOR ALOE CREME LABORATORIES, INC. This Clinical Research Report is the sole property of ALOE CREME LABORATORIES, INC., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This Clinical Research Study was made by an Independent Testing Laboratory recognized by the FDA and represents positive conclusionsContinue reading “Oral Toxicity Aloe Vera Gel”

Experimental Thermal Burns

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Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial

PREVIOUS: Aloe #1 and Wound Healing | PREAMBLE The following note was written on two pieces of a doctors medical prescription pad marked “Form M D 215-1 July 1947 PRINTED IN U.S.A.”. Dr. Alice Eliclas, M.D. from 1 Madison Avenue, New York 10, NY TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 3-7000 refers to aloe-creme. Alo was Mr. StocktonsContinue reading “Aloe Youth Derm Ointment Testimonial”