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Diet And Exercise

This past Thursday (12/1/2011) at the “Body, Mind & Spirit” Conference, Jordan Rubin (from Beyond Organic) was talking about 2012 being the year of Living Beyond and how accountability could really help someone achieve that. So it got me thinking how I could employ this principle for my own benefit.

You see, in less than a month I will be 45 (can anyone say “Mid Life Crisis”). I also realize that I am not the same physical specimen I was 10 years ago (for now, I’ll leave that to your own interpretation). That’s right, I’m not in shape! Although, round is a shape.

Now, I didn’t expect to have remained 35 years old physically, but I do realize that I could have done better than I have. In fact, I realize that my LGN factor is not nearly what it used to be. And this is something that concerns me dearly!

So to improve this vital human factor, I have decided to employ a public accountability as seen below. I realize that most of you could care very little about my LGN factor and what I eat (nor will I ever reveal my LGN factor to you). For those of you that do care… well, I am a little concerned.

Nevertheless, for now, the calendar below will be used to record my every bite of food, sip of drink, and exercise beginning today, December 5th 2011. I expect my LGN factor to improve… and since today is my 13th year anniversary, that is a gift to my wife. Not that she cares too much about my LGN factor either… she loves me as I am. But let’s face it, it is better to have an LGN factor than a LBN factor… that is, it is better to look Good Naked than to Look Bad Naked!

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