Are you getting too much EMF?

Get Plugged In To Beyond Organic InsiderWhen it comes to health, too often we have a limited perspective of those things that contribute to or take from our well being. But today, I stumbled on an article that reminded me of a problem I experienced about 25 years ago.

You see, when I was in college, I started getting terrible headaches. They were a unique stabbing kind… not the same kind of headaches that my friends were having on Saturday mornings from drinking too much beer the night before. But instead the kind that told me something was seriously wrong.

After a while, I noticed that the cord from my alarm clock was plugged into an outlet about 1 foot away from where I laid my head at night. Moving my bead was a no-brainer. My headaches went away immediately.

Today, Dr. Mercola wrote about “EF” and “EMF” (electric fields and electromagnetic fields) and gives some common exposure examples that are well worth reading. You can get the details here:

Even all of the best “greenfed” Beyond Organic food from Jordan Rubin starts to become meaningless if we continue to expose our bodies to carcinogenic environments including EMF.

If you know of someone that may be suffering from EMF exposure, please forward this to them.

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