Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic Insider Business Presentation

Welcome To Beyond Organic Insider

Pre-Launch Business Introduction

Four Points To Cover:

1. The Products
2. The Mission
3. The Opportunity
4. Action Steps

Meat and Dairy

100% GreenFedTM
A diet Designed for Cows, Goats, & Sheep
Grass, Other Forage, Forbs, Legumes, & Herbs

Really Raw Cheese

High Quality Proteins
Other Minerals
Easily Digestible
100% GreenFedTM
Organically Produced
Probiotic Infused
Never Heated above 101.5


Cultured Dairy Beverage
Like a Drinkable Yogurt or Kefir
High Quality Proteins
Healthy Fats
Vitamins & Minerals
Powerful Probiotics
Can Support Your Immune System
Easy to Digest


100% GreenFedTM
Powerful Nutrients
Complete Protein
Kosher & Humane
Ground Beef Patties
Hot Dogs
Summer Sausage

ReignTM Water

Hydration – Cornerstone for Health & Wellness
Transportation System
GA Spring Water (USA)
Perfectly filtered naturally

ReignTM Infusions

Reign Water & Botanicals
Winter Cherry
Indian Gooseberry
Maitaki Mushroom
Fitness, Diet, Energy, Overall Health & Beauty

1st Probiotic Infused Spring Water

Proper Hydration
Healthy Digestion
Probiotics – “For Life”
Immune System Support
Can Withstand Water, Pressure, and Other Extremes.
Withstands Boiling!

ProBiotic Chocolate

Antioxidants (Flavinols)
Flax Seed
Omega 3’s
Delicious Taste

Probiotic Flaxseed Oil

1st Ever Probiotic Flaxseed Oil
High source of the Omega 3 “ALA” Alpha Linolenic Acid
Certified Organic

Partner to Change the World

Give a Meal
Get a Meal
Provide a Meal to Those in Need
Impact the World Around You
Each Time You Give a Meal, you Get One on Your Next Order


Build your team of mission marketers early
Be a top 350 “Founder”

Healthy Living Account

Exclusive to the Beyond Organic Network
Natural Health Opportunities
Gym Memberships
Other Health Experiences

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