Not A Scam… Now What?

For those of you still on the fence, you can join Beyond Organic as an insider without any costs until October 31, 2011. If you think it is a scam, you can always leave. But after 10/31/11, you will have to decide whether you want to be a retail customer, wholesale customer or Mission Marketer.

Once you join, be sure to subscribe to our emails by going to By doing so, you will get free online training for sharing Beyond Organic. As an example, see the following first training video here:

Don’t be surprised if you get an email from one of us shortly after you join our team. We will want to talk to you and help you grow your new business, if that is what you intend to do.

If you want an upline with experience to help you in your new Beyond Organic venture, we are the team for you. Join us now and please respond to that first email from us. We really want to get to know you and help you get started.


Dr. Michael and Amanda Haley

2 replies on “Not A Scam… Now What?”

  1. Gil says:

    I have a very good friend who explained the concept to me and it has all of the great intentions. I believe that Mr. Rubin is serious and is honest however I have much experience in this area as I have built several of them and one with over 50, 000 associates globally. Besides the logistics of his product one that does not understand this type of business would never understand how difficult it is. Without any product alone the compensation program is a situation that can have your company going in to the negative after several hundred thousand people get involved. Ask the successful grocers about logistics and they will explain what a fiasco and capital draining situation this alone is. I had 16 meetings with an 9 billion dollar grocer about putting in place a program with them that they loved and eventually I pulled out because of the extreme negative of the logistics and imagine this was a successful established 9 billion dollar grocer. The entry price is also something that I see is limiting and says allot to those who understand the game. In the un-sure economy that we are in and the coming one I would love nothing more to see Mr. Rubin succeed, however just from the logistics side and seeing what happens when thousands of people get involved in any months time can do to a distribution system, I don’t see this great intention working on a mlm system.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Gil, for your input.
      I considered the possibility that the rewards might be too generous to sustain the company long term. But I am just a mission marketer… on the outside looking in. I don’t really know how much planning and testing of the compensation plan was done. I suspect it was done extensively. But I generally don’t rely on anything that I don’t do myself.
      Initially, we looked at Beyond Organic purely from the aspect of the product. That is, we asked ourselves: “if all we get is excellent food for our money, is that good enough?”. Since the answer was yes, we said, OK, then… let’s tell our friends that also like to eat like we do.
      I considered how much it must cost to create food with these standards. Having a little store of my own, I realize there is not much markup on food. I am glad there is a point system to somewhat balance the equation (some foods have more room for markup than others). But in the end, if it doesn’t work… I’ll be OK with that. There is certainly risk in any business. I personally don’t know anyone in my downline that is specifically relying on this for their financial future. However, I suspect many, as I do, welcome the possibilities.
      I can’t wait to get my first shipment… so we can eat Beyond Organic instead of what we have been getting for our money.

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