What Is Ultra High Density Grazing?

AKA “Mob Grazing” – What an amazing video demonstrating “Ultra High Density Grazing”.

Everyone knows that when it comes to beef and dairy products, organic grass fed is better than conventional. But did you know that much of the “grass fed” beef and dairy cattle have their diets supplemented with lots of feed? At a popular “organic” store, the “grass fed” beef is actually “grain finished”. That means that they spend their last days getting fattened by consuming gobs of inflammatory grains.

At Beyond Organic, the cattle are 100% grassfed (aka “GreenFed”) and grass finished (aka “green finished”). This is accomplished through a system called “Ultra High Density Grazing” or “Mob Grazing.

I could tell you all about Ultra High Density Grazing. But it is much easier to get if you just watch it in action. This 4.5 minute video is educational and beautiful. Enjoy.

In the video, the cattle represent about 600,000 pounds of cattle. Jordan explains: “the idea is you want to put them in a small area to keep between 250,000 and a million pounds of pressure per acre and you move them very frequently. So they have a front and a back gate”.

The cattle in the video were ready to move and were moved to an area that is about 1/3 of an acre. The new ground was covered with beautiful tall green grass, herbs, and forbs. The area they left was chewed down to the ground leaving enough starting material for new growth. Furthermore, it was fertilized naturally with the urine and cow pies provided naturally by nature.

The cows have learned to compete for the food. None are eating as they are in the area that has been eaten down. But as the string line separator is removed and they are allowed in to the new grassy area, they pick up speed and claim their ground. Every cow is then seen vigorously chomping on the fresh greens. The mooing was quickly replaced by the sound of grass being pulled and chewed.

The circular nature of this feeding program nurtures the land. “This will allow for rapid regrowth… It’s pressure and release… lots of pressure followed by by intense rest.

The written description does not do this beautiful natural organic farming technique justice – watch the video.

To order Beyond Organic products, go to http://join.mybeyondorganic.com.

Please tell me what you got out of this or what else you know about UHD grazing in the comments below.

Body by Vi Scam

What else are they lying about?

This is one of those posts that I hate to put out there. I wish people did not use deceptive words to sell their nutrition products. If their products are any good, why would they use deception?

When it comes to supplements, I have seen this particular scam one too many times. I hope this video explanation helps put a stop to it. I am certainly not against supplements. What I am against is telling lies to mislead potential customers.


00:00 New Introduction
00:52 Original Introduction
02:35 Quoting the Vi Corporate Video
03:50 THE TRUTH – The REAL numbers
06:55 How much shake would you have to eat to get the nutrition from the food they mentioned
07:14 Who to NOT get nutrition advice from

    IN THIS VIDEO: (The Original Now “Age Restricted!” lol

0:00 Introduction
1:50 DVD Presentation Review (listen closely for the scam)
3:02 The DECEPTION explained
7:14 Who to NOT get nutrition advice from

Now, if you are upset with me for bashing the product…. I didn’t! (But I didn’t endorse Body by Vi either!) I am certain that their shake can give someone way better nutrition then what they are currently getting. But I wouldn’t recommend it for most people. I personally would recommend real food in the right amounts for most people.

But for some, these products are way better than what they usually eat! But most people would be better off choosing the right foods over a meal replacement powder that contains soy and sucralose among other things.

For those that are evaluating products for the sake of a potential career change or just a possible supplement to their income, I suggest considering 12 things before joining a direct sales company.

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Why Eat Local?

Fuel Dependent FarmingWhen it comes to the foods you eat, you have choices. One of those choices has to do with how far the food traveled before it made it to your dinner plate. In this article, you will see the flow of food from farm to plate and consider the potential problems associated with the system and the likely inevitable impending consequences for relying on our flimsy system.

Farm Truck Carrying ProduceConsider the travel of a single vegetable before it makes it to your dinner table. Once harvested, bushels are loaded on an oil dependent farm truck that brings it to the plant for oil dependent machine washing and processing.


Loading produce onto a climate controlled containerFrom there, the farms final product is loaded into a fuel dependent climate controlled container by a fuel dependent fork lift. The container changes hands for the first time as it is picked up by an oil dependent 18 wheeler. The trucking company transports the container to the port where the container is moved by an oil dependent crane and loaded on an oil dependent ship.

Cargo Ship, carrying among other things, Produce!

Will you eat from these containers?

The ship is pushed across the ocean where the container can again be lifted by crane to land where it can again be picked up by a climate controlled 18 wheeler for transportation to an oil dependent facility owned by the one who purchased the container of vegetation for resale of the contents.

From there, the whole process starts all over again as the foods are often processed and changed, repackaged into smaller packages and then redistributed in oil dependent climate controlled trucks where they will change ownership to new oil dependent owners.

If we are lucky, the new owners are the central distribution centers for our grocery stores. They will assemble various food products together to fill up an oil dependent climate controlled 18 wheeler that is sent to the grocery store where it can be unloaded by oil dependent forklifts and eventually moved to the store shelves.

We then get in our oil dependent climate controlled vehicles and drive to our oil dependent grocery stores where we exchange money we don’t own for vegetation that isn’t real, and this we give to our children – something is wrong!

“Nine Meals Away From Anarchy”

Lord Cameron of Dillington, a British farmer, coined the phrase “nine meals away from anarchy”. He explained that if our fuel supply was suddenly interrupted, the transportation of food to the stores would be interrupted and the grocery stores would be out of food within 3 days. Although, they would probably run out faster due to the human nature of panic shopping.

You see, whether meats, dairy, or vegetation, our food supply is oil dependent. Farming is done with tractors and machinery that is mostly oil dependent. Our foods then travel great distances to make it to the grocery stores. Much of it travels oversees before it even makes it to central distributing locations. It can pass through many middlemen before it finally makes it to us.

What is the practical solution? Consider Growing Local. (You have to see the video on the “Growing Local” page!