Aloe Elimination of Cancer

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Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. F.A.C.S. Was the First to Discover That Aloe #1 Could Heal and Eliminate Cancer

I didn’t believe Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D.’s story as he accused me of withholding important medical information from the medical profession. Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. stated that he completely eliminated all signs of cancer from physician’s hands in Hannibal, Missouri.

Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. asked me to come to St. Louis to his office and he would prove to me that the physician’s hands were eaten up from cancer due to carelessness and using x-ray machines. He treated the gentleman initially with our Aloe ointment and told him to continue to do so and return to his office in 30 days.

The patient from Hannibal, Missouri called back within 10 days and requested an appointment because his hands were healing so quickly. By the time Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. could see him, his hands were completely healed with no scarring or signs of cancer.

I immediately made a trip to St. Louis to see Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. The first day D. James Barrett Brown showed me his medical facilities and 8’10 pictures of the patient hands on his initial visit to his office.

That evening Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. invited the physician from Hannibal, Missouri and me to have dinner together at his club.

I personally examined the hands of the doctor in Missouri and found no scar tissue and even his finger prints were not distorted from the cancer.

The next morning Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. was prepared to announce that he had found the answer to eliminate cancer. I pleaded with Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. that the announcement was premature because we didn’t have enough of this particular species to make an announcement at his time. Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. then relented and advised that for posterity he was going to publish medical information “The annals of Surgery” & “Cancer Magazine”. This he did as per copies enclosed.

Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. was a member of the ARGONNE Cancer Research Hospital at the University of Chicago for the US Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. James Barrett Brown, M.D. was the one who telephoned me to rush 100 pounds of our Aloe ointment to the US Atomic Energy Commission Hospital to treat Robert Carpenter who was hit by a 10 million linear volt at the mid-west plant.


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Aloe Vera Gel and Immunity




The Aloe Vera Gel can help keep alive trauma victims such as battlefield casualties until they can get a blood transfusion.

Researcher stated just a nominal amount of the Aloe Vera Gel helps counteract the most massive deadly amount of blood loss.

“Soldiers wounded in combat often lose significant amounts of blood, and there is no practical way to replace the necessary amount of blood fast enough on the front line. When this happens, there is inadequate perfusion of the organs which quickly leads to a cascade of life-threatening events, “said Dr. Mitchell Fink.

Trauma is the leading cause of death for people under the age of 40 in the United States, killing 150,000 people a year. Loss of blood accounts for nearly half these deaths.

This research project was funded by a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and sponsored by Dr. Mitchell Fink, University of Pittsburg. The research was lead by Kameneva, an artificial blood expert.

REUTERS USA: July 27, 2004 revised

This proves Aloe#1® previous research on how effective the Genuine Aloe #1® Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink® (Barbadensis-Miller-Stockton™ Specie) is in reaching all cells and organs of the body to heal and keep them functioning properly.


BEWARE: There are 180 Specie of the ALOE Plant and 2200 varieties. From my 50 years of growing and formulating with the GEL of this plant I would estimate that most of the Consumer products on the market today contain an ALOE that has no proven Clinical or Medicinal properties.

GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA PLANT & GEL is known as the BARBADENSIS-MILLER-STOCKTON™ SPECIE which I have been growing and researching for fifty (50) years. It is a natural food product.

Our GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL HEALTH DRINK® is non-toxic, and there are no known side-effects even if you drink an excessive amount of the GEL tested by a laboratory in New York.

The GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL HEALTH DRINK® gives one a lot of energy, especially after the first 60 days, but it is often noticed within the first 30 days. It appears to build-up the immune system rather rapidly and the body takes over.

Clinical tests performed by an Independent Laboratory in Palm Beach, FL several years ago at my request showed that the GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL killed ten viruses which we obtained from Holy Cross Hospital. This test proved that the GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL inhibits the growth of viral infections. Based on published reports other Researchers have also proved that the Gel killed viruses, even the measles virus 100% with no damage to the human cell.

In addition to the anti-viral activity, it was found that the GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL also has Mitogenic activity, that stimulates the replication and Metabolic activity of those white blood cells which regulate the immune system. Macrophage cells circulate throughout the body and recognize the invading organism and sends a chemical message (Interluken #1) to other cells known as T-4 Helper cells, which in turn stimulates the other white blood cells to produce antibodies and attack the invading organism.

Macrophage cells are capable of actually surrounding, ingesting and destroying the invading organism.

The GENUINE ALOE #1® ALOE VERA GEL is chemically designated as a special sugar chain. (0 Carbohydrate)

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Aloe Research Packet Cover


Rodney M. Stockton presented research to:

  • Dr. Barbara Moulton M. D. And eight doctors of the FDA January, 1959.
  • 35 of the top Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Armed Services Medical Division
  • “I was asked to present the research to Admiral Frank D. Voris M.D., for his final approval” (Rodney Stockton)

This research applies only to the genuine Aloe Vera (gel) from the botanical gardens of Albert A. Caves of Homestead, Florida at his death, I Rodney M. Stockton bought all the Aloe Vera plants both small and mature with my personal check.

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