Going Public

I’ll reveal everything I promised in a moment. But I have a few things to tell you first. Because getting my diet straight really had a lot to do with why I would go public with this kind of thing.

Changing my diet certainly did not happen overnight. It has evolved, or more appropriately “devolved” significantly over decades. I think devolving makes more sense since I got away from the laboratory foods and went back to the God made foods.

You see, years ago, I fell for the low fat diet. I actually threw out the egg yolks and broiled my skinless chicken. I ate plain potatoes and steamed my rice.

From there, I went to expensive supplements including multi-vitamins, pre-digested amino acids, protein powders, and meal replacements. I would joke that if you couldn’t snort it, it wasn’t food. Powdered foods were big in the late eighties.

Eventually, powerful herb extracts and “whole food” supplements started getting my attention. I found “superfoods” which are concentrated nutrient sources from real foods.

Live Beyond Organic BooksAnd finally, I learned that real nutrition comes from real nutrient dense foods. Of course, real food needs to be defined… but that is for another discussion. For now, I’ll just recommend Jordan Rubin’s book “Live Beyond Organic“.

But sticking to a diet is not always easy. I am certainly not immune to the tasty temptations out there.

But I can do something about it. That is I can choose to have some element of accountability when it comes to the choices I make.

That brings me to what I am quickly realizing is somewhat of an absurd move on my part. You see, if I were to choose to be accountable regarding the foods I ate, I would not want anyone to know how truly weak I am. After all, I’m “Doctor Michael A. Haley”, chiropractor, and to some believe it or not, health role model.

And if I really wanted accountability, I would not just have one accountability partner, but as many as possible. You see,  I could probably break down one or two people and get them to get off my case after they gave me a hard time just a few times for my bad food choices.

That brings me to this crazy conclusion, that if I truly want accountability, I have to go public. Yes, I have to publicly post every morsel, every sip, maybe even every aroma and temptation. I think Jesus said something like “If you have lust you have already sinned in your heart”. And I lust me some ice cream. Yes, I’m going to have to bare it all. I’m going to publicly declare my successes and failures when it comes to what I eat.

And health is more than just diet. So I decided to include my exercises as well.

I even took some “Before” pictures. I felt like one of those guys on the biggest loser… only at the start of the show. But I’m not quite ready to reveal the flab. I’ll save that for a future date, like after a few victories when I can at least feel better about the results I’m getting from being so strict.

Now some of you could care less about what I eat or whether I exercise. Don’t miss the point. It really is not about me. The world doesn’t revolve around me all the time.

I am hoping that this example will inspire a few to do the same. It is truly my prayer and hope that someone other than just me benefits from this ridiculous challenge.

And if you do peek further into my diet and exercise log, you will find some valuable resources – links to where I get my treasured foods – as well as to those that, well, quite frankly, I shouldn’t consume. Don’t worry, it will be obvious which are which.

Most of the fuel that goes into my body is the highest quality. So the links can certainly help you find quality foods.

And, there is also a comment section as well as a contact us page on this website. It is my desire to hear from you to, with your questions and suggestions. I may choose to try some of your exercise and food recommendations.

And in addition to my food and exercise diary, I’ll be posting nearly every day to discuss the foods I ate, the exercises I did, and the benefits and / or challenges from them.

So if you’re curious, go ahead, click over to the diary and check it out at

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching, But Eat like EVERYONE Is Watching


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Fructose Is Not As Sweet As Once Thought

Of the various sugars used to sweeten foods today, one in particular has been under fire by researchers and health experts. It is seemingly contrary to popular thinking. That is, being the most natural and very prevalent, it would seem that fructose would also be the healthiest sugar source.

But research has shown that fructose is processed in the liver and different then sucrose (common table sugar) and glucose. This can lead to an increase in visceral fat and a decrease in health metrics including elevated LDL’s (bad cholesterol), increased triglycerides, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, and high levels of insulin.

The scary thing about this is that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a common ingredient in many processed foods. People are getting way more fructose than what is naturally occurring in a couple daily servings of fruit.

The warning, therefore, is not to abandon fruit consumption. Fruit contains valuable minerals and phytonutrients. However, limiting fruit consumption to one or two servings per day is probably a good idea. But the greater warning is to avoid unnecessary HFCS from processed foods which is rather void nutrients and adds nothing but sweetness to the food.