SueroGold Cultured Whey Beverage

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Suero Gold is Beyond Organic’s straight whey. It joins the Suero Viv line of Beyond Organic healthy beverages.

Cultured whey has been prized for thousands of years but is virtually missing in our modern diet. This tart golden liquid has been revered by the ancient greeks and 18th century healers.

Whey and now SueroGold is a classic that you’ll want to make the new “Gold Standadard” for the health of your family.

Suerogold has a pleasent healthy sour flavor. In foods, sour is critial for digestion. The probiotic nature of this naturally soured beverage is ideal for creating the environment your body needs to properly digest foods and absorb nutrients. SueroGold is cultured for 24 hours. This is much longer than a typical probiotic beverage and enables the beverage to obtain significant levels of probiotics.

Whey is also a natural living electrolyte replacement beverage. It boasts sodium and potassium in an ideal balance for optimal utilization in your body. Sodium and postassium work synergistically together to maintain the proper hydration of each cell in your body. Sodium is used to attract hydration into the cell. Potassium is used to remove waste from the cell.

Cultured whey is a natural source of organically bound potassium. Suero Gold contains over 700 mg. potassium per bottle.

SueroGold is a versatile product. It is used as a tonic, elixir, probiotic recipe booster, and to soak whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal which are otherwise hard to digest. Soaking grains in water makes them more digestable by breaking down the phytic acid. Soaking in whey does this faster and makes the grains probiotic. Imagine having probiotic panacakes and baked goods, and probiotic nuts and seeds from soaking them in SueroGold.

SueroGold is the perfect starter for making cultured veggies. It can also be used to make your own Suero Viv flavors.

Be sure to stock up on SueroGold. It is certain to be a staple recipe enhancer in every Beyond Organic home.