Terra Firma

Terra FirmaTerra Firma, Earth Cleansing Elements – an encapsulated dietary supplement – 3 capsules / day (vegetarian capsules)

Natural Detoxification
Healthy Digestion
Immune System Support

Your 6-in-1 Cleansing Solution

  1. Volcanic Mineral Clay
  2. Ayurvedic Himalayan Shilajit
  3. S. boulardii
  4. B. coagulans
  5. B. subtilis
  6. Prebiotic Phage

Volcanic Mineral Clay

Montmorillonite (Bentonite) Clay – Widely consumed by various cultures for thousands of years

  • Adsorption = Toxin Magnet
  • Absorption = Toxin Sponge
  • pH = Toxin Neutralizer
  • Minerals = Toxin Defense

Ayurvedic Himalayan Shilajit

  • Prized in Asia, consumed for thousands of years as strengthening tonic
  • Shilajit described as a unique biologically active substance
  • 80+ ionic minerals, triterpines, humic acid and fulvic acid, amino acids, vitamins, phospholipids, polyphenols
  • Ancient Ayurvedic text states: there is no system of the body not positively impacted by Shilajit

Beyond Organic Terra Firma Supplement Facts

Saccharomyces boulardii

First used in Europe in 1953 and now more than 100 countries world-wide

  • Supports gut-related immune defenses
  • Supports healthy intestinal cell growth
  • Increases digestive enzymes in the gut (Lactase, Maltase, Sucrase)
  • Enhanced production of short-chain fatty acids
  • Not destroyed by antibiotics

Bacillus Coagulans

  • Used globally to support digestive and immune system health
  • Produces L(+) lactic acid to create healthy intestinal environment
  • Been used as adjuvant to antibiotic therapy
  • Can survive in extreme conditions especially heat
  • Over 70 years of use; very resilient
  • Supports normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Promotes healthy bacteria counts and pH levels in the gut
  • Thrives in the toughest digestive environments undeterred by stomach and bile acids
  • Creates an inhospitable environment for antagonistic or undesirable microorganisms

Prebiotic Phage

What is a Prebiotic? If probiotics are a source of new friendly bacteria, prebiotics create the environment for and support probiotics.

  • Issues with common FOS/Inulin type prebiotics
  • Selective prebiotic clearing the way for the invigoration of beneficial bacteria
  • Used for 90 years and present in sea water many widely consumed foods
  • Non-fiber and Non-sugar prebiotic rapidly increasing probiotic levels in the gut

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