What Is Ultra High Density Grazing?

AKA “Mob Grazing” – What an amazing video demonstrating “Ultra High Density Grazing”.

Everyone knows that when it comes to beef and dairy products, organic grass fed is better than conventional. But did you know that much of the “grass fed” beef and dairy cattle have their diets supplemented with lots of feed? At a popular “organic” store, the “grass fed” beef is actually “grain finished”. That means that they spend their last days getting fattened by consuming gobs of inflammatory grains.

At Beyond Organic, the cattle are 100% grassfed (aka “GreenFed”) and grass finished (aka “green finished”). This is accomplished through a system called “Ultra High Density Grazing” or “Mob Grazing.

I could tell you all about Ultra High Density Grazing. But it is much easier to get if you just watch it in action. This 4.5 minute video is educational and beautiful. Enjoy.

In the video, the cattle represent about 600,000 pounds of cattle. Jordan explains: “the idea is you want to put them in a small area to keep between 250,000 and a million pounds of pressure per acre and you move them very frequently. So they have a front and a back gate”.

The cattle in the video were ready to move and were moved to an area that is about 1/3 of an acre. The new ground was covered with beautiful tall green grass, herbs, and forbs. The area they left was chewed down to the ground leaving enough starting material for new growth. Furthermore, it was fertilized naturally with the urine and cow pies provided naturally by nature.

The cows have learned to compete for the food. None are eating as they are in the area that has been eaten down. But as the string line separator is removed and they are allowed in to the new grassy area, they pick up speed and claim their ground. Every cow is then seen vigorously chomping on the fresh greens. The mooing was quickly replaced by the sound of grass being pulled and chewed.

The circular nature of this feeding program nurtures the land. “This will allow for rapid regrowth… It’s pressure and release… lots of pressure followed by by intense rest.

The written description does not do this beautiful natural organic farming technique justice – watch the video.

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