What is Beyond Organic?

Maybe you already chose to sign up to be a Beyond Organic “Insider” but your are wondering a few things like:

What is Beyond Organic?
What is a Beyond Organic Insider?
How much does it cost to be an insider?

Jordan Rubin (Author of “Makers Diet” and founder of “Garden of Life”) started a new company that will sell “beyond organic” products. His standards are “beyond” organic. The products will include:

Beyond Organic’s GreenFed™ Standard

Beyond Organic offers GreenFed™ beef and dairy products. A GreenFed™ diet is the diet that is natural to cows, goats, sheep, and the like. It is grass and the things that grow with the grass. Beyond Organic will raise cows on pastures that are pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer free.

GreenFed™ Beef

GreenFed™ beef is high in nutrients. Beef is a complete source, that is, contains all of the essential amino acids. The Beyond Organic beef comes from animals raised on a certified organic farm. They are grown humanely and prepared according to Kosher slaughter laws. GreenFed™ Beef products include Ground Beef, Ground Beef Patties, Hot Dogs, Summer Sausage, and more available in an “open market” style on the internet.

Really Raw Cheese

Really Raw Cheese is never heated cheese infused with probiotics. It is raw cheese from raw milk from GreenFed™ cows. Really Raw Cheese provides high quality proteins, calcium, and vitamins and is easy to digest. Varieties include Cheddar, Cheddar Blue, Blue, Havarti, and Gouda.


Amasai™ is a drinkable cultured dairy beverage, like a drinkable yogurt or kefir, that supplies vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and probiotics. It can be consumed daily to support your immune system and digestive functions.

Reign – Supreme Mountain Spring Water

From the Beyond Organic spring from the pristine mountains of North Georgia which is surrounded by 130 certified organic acres. Reign supreme mountain spring water is up to 20 times more pure than other leading brands.

Reign Botanical Infusions

Reign Infusions are Reign Supreme with botanical extracts such as Winter cherry, Indian gooseberry, and Maitake mushroom. Infusion Varieties include Reign Energy Infusion, Reign Diet Infusion, Reign Beauty Infusion, and Reign Fitness Infusion.

Probiotic Water

Beyond Organic is the first to combine water and probiotics (Currently Not Available). The probiotic can survive high heat which makes the Probiotic Water useable for cooking without damaging the probiotics. It can be consumed to hydrate your body and support your digestive system.

Dark Chocolate with Probiotics & Omega 3’s

Certified organic dark chocolate with organic flax seed and infused with probiotics. It is a super source of antioxidants, fiber, omega 3’s, and satisfaction.

Probiotic Flax Oil (Not Currently Available)

Unfiltered Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil infused with Pro-biotics. Flax seed oil is an excellent source of the omega 3 fatty acid ALA. Probiotics can support a healthy digestive system and immune system.

How will Beyond Organic Products be Marketed?

The marketing plan for Beyond Organic products is through “Mission Marketers”. That is, direct sales, aka “network marketing” whos independent representatives are called “Independent Mission Marketers”.

Being an insider is being in the network before the company launches (scheduled for October 2011). Insiders get product updates, access to their back office, and the like. But the real advantage to being an insider is more for those also interested in the business aspect of things. It allows them to develop a potential customer base and network of mission marketers prior to the launch of the company in October 2011.

There will be no costs to be a customer. A 20% discount will be available to “autoship” customers. Optionally, a $19.95 annual fee will allow for the “preferred customer” discount.

Those desiring to participate in the marketing of the business after the pre-launch can do so for $39.95. But building a potential customer base and network of mission marketers (business builders) by getting sign-ups is free until then. I suspect that a percentage of the potential customers and mission marketers that signed up will purchase products and / or market the business.

~ dr. michael haley
Pompano Beach Chiropractor
Independent Mission Marketer Beyond Organic

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  1. David says:

    I have heard about green-fed beef, when the cattle are fed only organic fruits and vegetables aside from untreated grass. The probiotic water sounds good as well!
    Organic Products

  2. TAS says:

    what is the source and process by which Beyond Organic Chocolate is made?


  3. The “Fine Italian Dark Chocolate” is just that… the only Beyond Organic product that is outsourced. It is made by 5th generation Italian Chocolateirs. It is GMO free, USDA certified organic, and has 1000mg Omega 3’s per serving. Check it out at http://join.mybeyondorganic.com/Web/us/en/products-chocolate-overview.dhtml

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