Why Do I Need a Team?

Beyond Organic Team HaleyWhen it comes to sales, very few individuals have what it takes right out of the shoot to be successful on their own. It has been said well that “Everyone Needs a Mentor”. Leadership is a key to success. It doesn’t matter if it is for corporate sales, affiliate sales, direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM), leadership is essential.

Team Leaders provide many benefits to the sales force including motivation, organization, answers to questions, sales tools, marketing plans, goals, objectives, direction, instruction, support, lead generation, and even the power close. Leadership tells the potential customer that they are buying more than a one man show. Leadership helps the customer know that there will be support whether or not the sales person still works there tomorrow.

In the case of direct selling companies, team leaders are usually self promoted. That is, they generally start with a team leader of their own. But once they have the tools to train their own sales force, they tend to break off and do the things they were taught by their original team leader, but with their own style and flavor added. It is the goal of the team leader to see their sales reps break away and start their own teams some day. But even the break-away team leader usually remains somewhat connected to their original team leader.

One of the benefits of staying connected to a leader is the corporate image to a prospect. Not everyone you come into contact with will perceive you to be an authority… especially those that know you. “For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country” (John 4:44). This means that some will perceive you to be the little guy regardless of how much you know and what your status is. Sometimes prospects need to perceive there is something or someone bigger that they have access to.

How does this apply to Beyond Organic… and why do we need to be under a team? Why can’t we just work directly with Jordan Rubin?

If you notice in the marketing regulations, we must identify ourselves as an “Independent Mission Marketer” or team (your name). I choose to identify myself as both for now to make it clear that I am not Beyond Organic; but I am Team Haley. That is, I have many in “my organization” that I lead.

Direct sales is about duplication. Jordan Rubin is not in the organization… but rather, owns it. My understanding is that he saw fit to duplicate himself in 4 different people… the ones “at the top” (the very top). He himself will not be able to support everyone in the entire organization… but he can support those four. The top four won’t be capable of supporting their entire organizations. But they might be able to reach down a few levels. They no doubt hope that others in their organizations will rise up as new team leaders.

Most people that want to build a business with beyond organic and recruit other mission marketers will need a leader, at least initially. Once they are established and have a plan to inspire, motivate, and teach their recruits (and their recruits recruits), they can break off and start their own team. They might want to do that early in the game and that is OK – if they have the knowledge and know-how. Their sponsors / team leaders / upline will no doubt support them in any way they can. It is in the sponsors best interest that their break-away teams be successful. In direct marketing companies, the team leaders are usually quite successful. And the team leaders with team leaders beneath them are usually the most successful.

A team leader should recognize those outstanding individuals in their organization and help them in their business – maybe even signing up people into their organizations to help them become team leaders. Team leaders should help their team members become break-away team leaders.

But break-away team leaders should stay connected should they need a “heavy hitter” to close a deal. Pulling from the upline has its benefits. Few will have access to Jordan Rubin directly. But uplines have contact with those that can get to him… if he is needed.

How does this apply to me, Michael Haley? Because I have MLM experience and internet marketing experience – more than my upline, I chose to break off right from the start… but I still follow my upline. They might provide resources such as conference calls, live broadcasts, and the like that I can use to inspire my team. There is no point in doing it all myself when someone else has already created tools that I can use and pass down the line.

Dr. Michael Haley is a chiropractor in Pompano Beach Florida who leads Team Haley, a group of Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic.

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