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I’m your show host Dr. Michael Haley and today we are going to cover the best diet for every one which you may have guessed is a scam because not only is everyone different but people also have different goals.


One thing I can’t stand is these dogmatic practitioners that shove a diet down someone’s throat as the cure-all… “this is how everyone should eat”… “you know you should get all of your food from your garden but make sure you read it within like 30 seconds of taking it off the vine or pulling it out of the ground or plucking it from a tree because everyone knows that the nutrition is just completely and utterly destroyed within 30 seconds”.

“And if you cook it… forget it because then there’s nothing left – you might as well not even eat it”…. “And whatever you do make sure you don’t ever eat anything that once had a face…”


We’ve got these dogmatic people out there preaching the same message to everyone without any concern for how that person might be different. People eat what they eat for different reasons.

One person might be looking for a diet to kill cancer that’s overtaken their body another person might want to play lineman in the NFL. The diets to support these different goals are very different.

The lineman wants to eat to support strength and growth but someone with cancer doesn’t want their cancer cells to get growth nutrition – they need cleansing and detoxifying foods and they might even want to starve their cancer. And if you starve the cancer by sort of starving yourself, well you’re not going to be able to play lineman in the NFL, right?

Those are two very different goals. The problem is is when you go to cancer guru for dietary advice and you want to play in the NFL, or if you want to kill cancer and you go to a strength and endurance coach for diet advice. Your going to get bad advice unless the person giving the advice understands that you are a unique individual with your own set of goals.


So what are your goals? Is it about survival of the fittest? Strength and endurance for fight or flight? Or maybe you want a diet balancing nutrition and healthy proteins? Are you trying to control seizures? I hear ketosis will stop seizures. Do you have irritable bowels and need to heel your gut? Have you eliminated gluten?

What you wore goals? Maybe you just want to lose weight? Maybe you have low energy and want to figure out what is making you crash?

As you can see, there is no best diet for everyone. You are an individual with your unique demands on your body. Your unique goals, your unique desires.


Let’s look at a couple free tools that you can use to help determine the best fuel for your body. First my favorite one that no one wants to do because takes a little effort: The Diets And Symptom Log. This is really easy.

Imagine if you knew for sure what made you feel good and what made you feel bad… if you only knew before you ate something, right? If I do this or eat this I’m going to need to take a nap. Or if I eat these foods I’ll be clear minded and I’ll have all kinds of energy and be able to to deliver that awesome presentation today. (LOL) Imagine if you knew that beforehand.

The diet and symptom log will help you do that, It’s really easy to do. Get your three column notepad and get ready… or draw three columns on a piece of paper now if you can. On one column put the date and time stamp (what time is it what day is it). In the next column make a note of what you’re eating right now… or the last thing you ate. And in the third column, howdo you feel?

You don’t always have to fill out column two and you don’t always have to fill out column three. Sometimes you just realize “Wow, I feel pretty good right now”. Okay, write that down. Or “I feel lousy… I got constipation, or diarrhea…”. Okay, write that down. You didn’t eat anything but write it down.

Sometimes you eat something and “I don’t really feel any different… everything status quo…”. Okay, you have to write how you feel. What’s important is recognizing these patterns. you look back and you realize… you know, well let’s say, imagine that you wake up in the morning and you have your keto-coffee, with maybe a little coconut milk and some protein or something like that, no carbohydrates and you’re feeling great! Lunch rolls around and someone at the office brings in tater tots… you have some tater tots and are still feeling really good; but 30 minutes later, you need to make another entry because you feel like crashing. Okay, let me see, Did the potatoes due that? I don’t know maybe… maybe not! The next time dinner rolls around it just so happens that you have a baked potato, and an half hour later you crash again. We’re starting to see a pattern that potatoes make you crash.

Now they might not make the person next you crash, but they make you crash, and it is important. You start developing patterns… “When I eat this, this is what happens”. “This thing gives me diarrhea”, or “when I eat this food I noticed that I always have clear thinking”… or “I sleep good / I sleep bad. The diet and symptom log will help you do that. It’s really that easy.

Now when you first are doing it, it might not be that easy. You will realize that you eat the same foods every day. It’s an amazing thing. When you do this, when you start keeping your log, you start realizing “Wow, this log is easy because I really eat the same foods every day… I have the same breakfast, I have the same dinner. Most people do.

To start off it might be wise to completely eliminate everything and start off with one very simple food such as bone stock soup plain with nothing in it. And maybe the next day your kind of leveled out on your symptoms so you maybe add cauliflower to it and cook it really good… and start developing the soup… and everything is still good so the next day maybe you add broccoli… and you start building your food base of good healthy foods (for you).

And when something goes wrong, maybe you take that out and say “okay that caused this”… “I had a blowout”, or whatever the case. Let’s eliminate that food… “I don’t think that one’s good for me”… and you continue to add to your diet building a list of foods that works for you. That’s how the diet and symptom log works.


Another easy thing to do at home is allergy testing. You can spend a lot of money to get your blood tested for various food items, but realize that if you’re getting tested for egg albumin, is that the same kind eggs that you get? Are your eggs from wild pastured and the albumin in the allergy test from conventional grain fed? I’m going to suggest to you that they are different. So how do you test your specific foods that you eat?

Back in the day before they were testing blood, you would get a little scratch test. They would scratch you and put an antigen on the scratch. That scratch brings the immune system to the surface and makes it more ready to react.

And then they put the antigen or the food source on you, and if it turns red, we put a checkbox there – “allergic”, you’ll avoid that food. It’s really that easy.

You don’t even have to scratch yourself. If you have a nice thin part of your skin such as the inside of your wrist where the tissue is kind of thin and you see your veins and stuff, put the food there, leave it there for 20-30 minutes, wash it off. If you see a red spot, okay, you’re probably allergic to it.

Now if you don’t see a red spot, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an allergy to it; it’s probably just not a significant allergy… or not very significant I should say.

All allergies are significant and if your body is reacting to them, your probably going to react more when you eat them. But it is a simple test that, you see something turn red, okay, let’s not eat that. I’m Glad I found out on my skin instead of putting it in my body.

You have two good tools now that you can use to help decide what foods you want to eat. So use that combined with your goals. Write them down. What are you eating for? To stay healthy? To stay well? To charge your immune system? To get super-strength? Kill cancer? What do you want to accomplish? Find the foods that help you accomplish that and then within those foods find out which ones work specifically for you, because everybody is different.

I’m your host Dr. Michael Haley. If you have any questions, submit them.

I appreciate you.

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