“FruitScream” Our 100% Frozen Fruit Treat

The recipe book for our Samson juicer calls it “sorbet”. I’m sorry, but sorbet doesn’t sound American and it doesn’t sound nutritious… so we propose the name “FruitScream”. Even if it never catches on and you don’t call it that, the Haley family will always call it that; so that’s what I’m going with.

100% Frozen Fruit and nothing else required. You can add nuts if you want… but technically nuts are fruit too.


Fruitscream is your healthy ice cream substitue. For years our kids didn’t know there was a difference between ice cream and fruitscream. Well, not until Johnny’s birthday party anyway. But we can’t blame everything on Johnny.

The point is, when people think of a juicer, they think of apples, carrots, and celery. But you can do so much more with a juicer. We like to make our own peanut butter and almond butter with our slow turning juicer. Some of the other things we make include:

Wheatgrass Juice
Vegetable Juice
Fruit Juice

Others use their slow turning juicer to:

Make Baby Food
Mince Meat
Grind Coffee Beans
Grind Seasonings

But FruitScream is by far the most frequent choice in our home. With 4 kids, you can imagine why.

Dr. Michael Haley

Oh… one more thing. Did you like the video? It was made by my 8 year old! Thanks, Anthony, for doing such an excellent job!

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  1. Michael, just so delightful, especially with the kids involved. You and Mandy are THE BEST and I love you dearly. I pray Jesus blesses your socks off in brand new ways, you never dreamed HE could. Eph. 3:20 and Jude 2

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