The Dr. Haley Show

The Dr. Haley ShowWelcome to “The Dr. Haley Show” Podcast where we introduce the seemingly RADICAL healthy options for better living. We tend to get away from processed foods, daily activities, and medical procedures that are un-natural or of little benefit and teach people better options.

On The Dr. Haley Show, we often re-visit traditions and explore how foods were in ancient times. We compare historical foods to modern packaged foods using science. We explore scriptural laws and marvel at their alignment with tradition and science.

You can expect to learn about the “5 Facets of Health” which are nutrition, exercise, rest, mental well being, and a properly functioning nervous system. We will explore the different diet options, many forms of exercise, a plethora of healthy mind options… every stone is unturned on The Dr. Haley Show.

If you know a “Health Radical” that you feel should make a guest appearance on The Dr. Haley Show, feel free to provide us with contact details and the show concept for the interview. Your details can be provided by clicking and completing the Guest Application.

We record audio and video for use on YouTube as well as on our podcast.