Dr. Michael Haley’s Guest Appearances

Dr. Haley has appeared as a guest on many podcasts and videos. Below is a sample of some of those recordings.

Recording 04/25/2022 https://hollybilicki.com/v/

Recording 04/07/2022 DrAbsHealthCast with Dr. Bryan Abasolo

04/18/2022 “The Fatherhood Experience” Jason Priest EP 186 “Gut Health with Dr. Michael Haley

03/25/2022 Dan Young, BCN, CNC from Country Doctor Nutrition Center and the “Enjoy Great Health Naturally” Total Wellness Radio Podcast Episode 352

03/20/2022 Cyrus Kambatta from Mastering Diabetes and the “Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience Podcast Episode 151 How Do French Fries, Poop, and Aloe Vera Feed Your Intestinal “Soil”?

03/07/2022 Thom Underwood from “The Rebel Health Coach” Podcast Episode 135 “The Magic of Aloe Vera” with Dr. Michael Haley

02/22/2022 Ashley James “Learn True Health” Podcast Episode 474 “Aloe: The Magic Formula For Achieving Optimal Gut Health”.

02/16/2022 Allison Melody from FoodHealsNation and the Food Heals Podcast Podcast Episode #358 “The Secret Must-Have food you didn’t know you needed to add to your diet with Dr. Michael Haley”

12/27/2021 Tim James the “Health Hero” from Chemical Free Body and the Health Hero Show Podcast Episode 96 “Dr. Michael Haley, The Amazing Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera

12/3/2021 Dr. Ann-Marie Barter and “The Barter Protocol” and Fearless Health Podcast “Here’s What You Need To Know To Beat Your Irritable Bowel Issues and IBD! with Dr. Michael Haley

10/20/2021 “Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast” Chantel Ray “How To Get Your Gut And Your Skin In Great Shape, Heal Psoriasis, Get Rid Of Constipation, How To Filet And Use Aloe Vera To Heal Your Gut, and more” – with Dr. Michael Haley!

10/13/2021 Chase Chewning and the “Ever Forward Radio” Podcast Episode 536 “Using Superfoods to Optimize Your Gut Health & Immune System” with Dr. Michael Haley

09/09/2021 “Oh, My Health… There Is Hope!” Jana Short Episode 226 “Starting From the Inside Out” with Dr. Michael Haley

05/05/2021 Tracee from “High Energy Girl” Podcast Episode 163 “The Power of Aloe Vera”.

05/03/2021 “This Podcast Burns Fat” Omar Cumberbatch “Can Aloe Vera Help You Burn Fat?

04/14/2021 Diane Ray from Unity Online Radio “Healing Your Gut and Microbiome” with Dr. Michael Haley

03/20/2021 Health Coach Academy Omar Cumberbatch “Taking Aloe Vera and Health Coaching with Dr. Michael Haley!

03/12/2021 The Keto Savage Podcast Robert Sikes “Dr. Michael Haley on all things Digestion and Aloe Vera

03/01/2021 “The Simple Low Carb Lifestyle Podcast” Cory Conklin “Dr. Michael Haley: Keto, Gut Health, Microbiome & the Benefits of Aloe

02/01/2021 “Intelligent Medicine Podcast” Dr. Ronald Hoffman “The Healing Attributes of Aloe for Skin and More, Part 1“, “Part 2

12/29/2020 “The Dirobi Health Show” Dave Sherwin “The Magic of Aloe with Dr. Michael Haley

11/05/2020 “Self Made Strategies Podcast” “097: Dr. Michael Haley – Why ‘Organic Mike’ Thinks You Need Aloe Vera…

11/04/2020 Vital Veda Podcast Dylan Smith Aloe Vera: Benefits & Uses of The Hero Herb | Dr. Michael Hayley #047

09/19/2020 “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know” with Kitty Martone “We CAN heal…..with food!

08/04/2020 “Rock Bottom Wellness” Tiffany Flaten “The Benefits of Aloe Vera Drink” with Dr. Michael Haley

07/08/2020 Nicolette Richer “Eat Real To Heal” Podcast “Dr. Michael Haley and The Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera

04/03/2020 “This Podcast Burns Fat” Omar Cumberbatch “How a Health Coach can become a Market Leader

02/14/2020 “LiveTheFuel” podcast with Scott Mulvaney “The Power of Aloe with Dr. Mike Haley

12/31/2019 “Learn True Health” with Ashley James “The Benefits of Taking Aloe Vera Gel” Episode 401

11/24/2019 Dr. Kevin Pecca “Expect Miracles Podcast”, “Aloe Vera, Superfoods, and Gut Health” with Dr. Michael Haley”