Admiral Frank Voris MD

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Admiral Frank Voris, MD

Rodney M Stockton was requested by the Federal Government to serve as a “Member of Space Medicine Branch of Aeropspace Medical Association” where he served for nine years during the Cold War with Russia. If the Cold war accelerated, the U.S. Government planned to stock pile ALOE OINTMENT in every bomb shelter in the United States.

After I presented a 36 page Research Document to Dr. Barbara Moultons Group of Eight Research Doctors of the FDA, I was called on to present the same Research to the Joint Chiefs of Staff consisting of 35 Medical Doctors. I, Rodney M. Stockton, was later referred to Admiral Frank Voris MD for final approval for Government use. Admiral Frank voris MD promptly approved my ALOE OINTMENT, as it was first tested on Outer Space by one of the Astronauts and highly approved. I was made a member of the Space Medicine Branch Aerospace Medical Association as Dr. Rodney M. Stockton PhD and attended every meeting, always at Admiral Frank Voris’s table for 9 years.

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