Aloe Elimination of Cancer

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Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. F.A.C.S. Was the First to Discover That Aloe #1 Could Heal and Eliminate Cancer

I didn’t believe Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D.’s story as he accused me of withholding important medical information from the medical profession. Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. stated that he completely eliminated all signs of cancer from physician’s hands in Hannibal, Missouri.

Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. asked me to come to St. Louis to his office and he would prove to me that the physician’s hands were eaten up from cancer due to carelessness and using x-ray machines. He treated the gentleman initially with our Aloe ointment and told him to continue to do so and return to his office in 30 days.

The patient from Hannibal, Missouri called back within 10 days and requested an appointment because his hands were healing so quickly. By the time Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. could see him, his hands were completely healed with no scarring or signs of cancer.

I immediately made a trip to St. Louis to see Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. The first day D. James Barrett Brown showed me his medical facilities and 8’10 pictures of the patient hands on his initial visit to his office.

That evening Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. invited the physician from Hannibal, Missouri and me to have dinner together at his club.

I personally examined the hands of the doctor in Missouri and found no scar tissue and even his finger prints were not distorted from the cancer.

The next morning Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. was prepared to announce that he had found the answer to eliminate cancer. I pleaded with Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. that the announcement was premature because we didn’t have enough of this particular species to make an announcement at his time. Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. then relented and advised that for posterity he was going to publish medical information “The annals of Surgery” & “Cancer Magazine”. This he did as per copies enclosed.

Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. was a member of the ARGONNE Cancer Research Hospital at the University of Chicago for the US Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. James Barrett Brown, M.D. was the one who telephoned me to rush 100 pounds of our Aloe ointment to the US Atomic Energy Commission Hospital to treat Robert Carpenter who was hit by a 10 million linear volt at the mid-west plant.


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NOTE from Dr. Haley: There is some science to suggest that aloe vera can help in a fight against cancer. But aloe vera is NOT a “Cancer Cure”. Haley Nutrition continued Rodney Stockton’s “100% Pure Raw Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink“.