Use of Aloe Vera on Radiation Induced Cancer

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Prevention and Treatment of Radiation-Induced Cancer, Including Pure Atomic and Cathode-Ray Lesions

Use of Aloe Vera

James Barrett Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Mo.

Mr. Rodney Stockton spent some time with Dr. James Barrett Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S. Dr. Brown was a well known plastic surgeon. Dr. Brown was first licensed in Missouri in 1923. He gained much surgical experience repairing damaged tissues to World War II injuries. Dr. Brown’s research work has been extensively published. He has authored several books in the area of plastic surgery. He has been member of and served in office of several important surgical organizations. For all practical purposes, Dr. Browns credentials are too numerous to document.

Dr. Brown researched radiation burns as it related to their surgical repair and post surgical recovery as well as the long term effects that the radiation damage would inflict including potential future cancers. He was amazed at the results obtained in treating radiation burns with an aloe vera gel product developed by Mr. Rodney Stockton. He had this to say regarding the results:

“The use of aloe vera on radiation burns has been advocated for many years. We formerly obtained the thick leaf with its natural soothing gel from the Missouri Botanical Garden (Shaw’s Garden) here in St. Louis, split it open and applied the fresh gel of the leaf directly to the area.

This use of the aloe vera leaf has been replaced by use of Alo Ointment (55% aloe) as supplied by the Aloe Crème Laboratories, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the past few years. It provides a constant supply, is easily handled and applied, and is productive of relief from pain and itching. It tends to keep down keratosis and ulceration; these effects may tend to slow up, and possibly prevent, changes toward malignancy. We have many patients who have obtained marked relief from pain, cracking, and keratosis of such radiation burns. These include cases of physicians? hands burned in their own work, and burns from treatments given over the face and elsewhere”

We have recovered this excerpt of Dr. Browns impressions of the use of aloe vera gel, however, have been unable to find the original source. We have seen it inserted into a publication from the American Cancer Society “A Cancer Journal For Clinicians” Vol 14, pages 14-15 1964, however, the text does not appear in the original article. We have additionally located this excerpt on the internet as part of a collection of research as it pertains to Aloe Vera Gel. At this time, we have not been able to determine the original location where Dr. Brown’s experience with Mr. Stockton’s aloe vera gel cream has been published. Because Dr. Brown has such an extensive publication list, we suppose it might be some time until we verify his statements.

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