Aloe Creme Laboratories 03-12-1965

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RADIATION VICTIM Entire Body Exposed to 10 Million Linear Accelerated Bolt


Most Effective Medication in Atomic Age – ALO-OINTMENT (55% aloe)

Aloe Creme Laboratories, Inc. was alerted by the world’s foremost atomic burn specialist immediately following the unfortunate radiation accident reported in the reprint below, released by UPI. ALO-OINTMENT ( 55% aloe ) was rushed to the scene by special request of the team of doctors assigned to this case at the Argonne Cancer Research Hospital operated by the University of Chicago for the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

Medically, this is the most IMPORTANT CASE in this atomic age because this burn victim received the same kind of burn millions would receive during an ATOMIC BOMB EXPLOSION.

The victim’s entire body was exposed to radiation from a 10-million-bolt linear accelerator for about four or five seconds.

This case is being watched by doctors all over the world. Over the next several months, special reports will be published in leading medical journals on this case. Aloe Creme Laboratories will receive proper credit for its important role in supplying ALO-OINTMENT (55% aloe) for the treatment of this burn victim.

Latest reports are that the patient is progressing nicely with very little discomfort, without the use of sedation. As these medical reports are published, we will send you re-prints for your files.

For your confidential information, enclosed is a reprint of a medical paper published by The American Cancer Society on the effective use of ALO-OINTMENT (55% aloe). This report is by Dr. James Barrett Brown, the inter-nationally known plastic surgeon and present Chief Consultant in plastic surgery to the Surgeon General of the United States Air Force, Veterans Administration and Senior Civilian Consultant in Plastic Surgery to the Surgeon General of the United States Army.

Reprint From: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel February 19, 1965

Radiation-Exposed Man Listed ‘Good’

CHICAGO. (UPI) – A man exposed to high radiation was reported in good condition in the University of Chicago medical center Friday. Doctors watched his case closely because he suffered the same kind of burns millions might receive during an atomic bomb explosion.

Robert Carpenter, 42, Rockford, Ill., was exposed to radiation from a 10-million-bolt linear accelerator for about four or five seconds Thursday when he stepped into a room in which the accelerator was located.

His whole body was exposed to radiation, and his right hand was touched by the electronic beam itself. The hand was severely burned.

Most of the team caring for Carpenter are assigned to the Argonne Cancer Research Hospital operated by the University of Chicago for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

The team issued the following statement about Carpenter:

“His condition is good at this time. His temperature is normal and his blood counts are normal. He received a large exposure to the skin of his right hand and he is being treated for this condition.”

Physicians and physicists were trying to reconstruct what happened Thursday at the Midwest irradiation Center, Rockford which Carpenter manages. Carpenter told them he stepped into the room, and as soon as he realized the machine was on, he fled.

The experts said they were trying to determine where Carpenter was standing at the time he received the exposure. He was flown by chartered plane to Chicago.

The linear accelerator was described as an atom-splitting machine in which electrons particles of an atom, are set free from the atom and accelerated at speeds of up to 186,000 miles a second down a long tube. These electronic “bullets” can be used for such things as sterilizing food.


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