Aloe #1 and Wound Healing

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FDA Research Submitted by Eight Doctors as Follows:

FDA presented to the top medical chiefs of armed services. Only one Doctor out of 35 or 40 questioned anything about the research. The one, Doctor Kernel Gold of Cincinnati, questioned how a wound could heal so quickly without bringing the two edges of a wound together. There was a course of protests against his questions as the research clearly proved the wound healed from deep down in the tissue.

I was then asked to set up an appointment with Admiral Frank D. Voris M.D. for his approval and this was quite an accomplishment. I was inducted into Aerospace Branch, Aerospace Medical Association.

During the Cold War in Russia, I served under Frank D. Voris M.D., and was seated at his table of all medical meetings until the wall in Germany came down. My job was to stock pile our ALOE #1 YOUTH DERM OINTMENT® IN EVERY BOMB SHELTER IN THE COUNTRY as Admiral Frank d. Voris M.D. deemed it was necessary.

One of our famous Astronauts personally wanted to tell me how fantastic the healing was in outer space with our ALOE #1 YOUTH DERM OINTMENT®.

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