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Prescription for Aloe Ointment from Alo Creme Laboratories in 1956

The following note was written on two pieces of a doctors medical prescription pad marked “Form M D 215-1 July 1947 PRINTED IN U.S.A.”. Dr. Alice Eliclas, M.D. from 1 Madison Avenue, New York 10, NY TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 3-7000 refers to aloe-creme. Alo was Mr. Stocktons early product name. The same product referred to on this script is now known as Aloe #1® Youth Derm Ointment® and is still available from Stockton Aloe 1, Inc.

Mr. Stockton adds these notations: “Radiation Chemo-Therapy 25% more radiation. Skin still in good shape” and “Doctors do not give excessive chemo when patient is consuming Aloe #1® aloe Vera Gel Health Drink®” An attached note states: “James Brown Treated persons Healing letters”. I assume Mr. Stockton is referring to Dr. James Barrett Brown M.D. and this is possibly related to a referral by Dr. Brown.

July 2, 1956 Dear Sirs: I am enclosing a check for a pound jar of Alo-Creme. I am sure that the use of the creme during x-ray therapy permitted my husband to receive at least 25% more radiation because the skin stayed in such good condition. There is a very definite improvement in the condition of the three most recent areas as compared to other skin areas before alo-creme was used. Thank you for taking care of my order so promptly. Sincerely yours, Aloce Eliclas, M.D.

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