Do Probiotics Live Through Stomach Acid?

On today’s show, Dr. Haley interview’s Dr. Tom Bayne, an international expert in digestive health and detoxification. Dr. Tom Bayne is also co-founder of Microbiome Labs. He shares with us his distilled wisdom on using probiotics for repairing your microbiome.

Dr. Haley’s Great Probiotic Find

Dr. Tom Bayne Quote CardDr. Haley was intrigued by a MEGAsporebiotic lecture at a chiropractic continuing education course several years ago. He tried many probiotics in his practice over the years. Many of them failed his patients. He could tell by the presentation that this brand was different.

After finding a probiotic that performed better than previous products, Dr. Haley realized that one of the strains was also in MEGAsporebiotic. But the brand did not have any of the other strains found in Megasporebiotic.

When he started recommending MEGAspore, he realized that it was even more aggressive than the previous recommended brand. To Dr. Haley, this was a good thing – but he knows that for some, change is uncomfortable. Dr. Tom Bayne discusses “titrating” for this reason. Changing the microbiome means changing the balance of microbes – some will “die off” to make room for the new and better balance. Some might initially experience cramping or other symptoms if starting off too aggressively.

Probiotics has almost become synonymous with Megaspore, and Dr. Bayne shares how monetary considerations take a backseat as he and his team buckle down to help their patients.

What Some People Experience With MEGAsporebiotic

On today’s show, you will learn how new people are treated the same way at Megaspore. Especially to help patients deal with the side effects of probiotics, Dr. Bayne talks quite a bit about the use of functional medicine.

When it comes to microbiome repair, you will learn that bacterial diversity is healthy. Probiotics can help repair your microbiome which can also alleviate your anxiety. This is a show you do not want to miss.

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What is the impact of a dysfunctional microbiome?
  • Can probiotics cure H. Pylori?
  • How functional medicine can help temper the side effects of micro-biome
  • The real truth about the probiotics industry, and red flags to watch out for
  • And so much more…


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