Episode 15 | My First Colonic Irrigation

Gail Naas Quote CardOn today’s show we are again joined by colon hydrotherapy expert Gail Naas. This is a follow-up show to episode 14, and in this one, Dr. Haley shares his first colonic irrigation experience with Gail.

Listening to today’s show will help you determine what exactly you can expect in your first ever colonic irrigation. Understandably, many of you would have apprehensions about going for a colonic irrigation. But listening to Mike and Gail today will surely assuage some of your biggest fears.

You will learn that a colonic irrigation with an experienced professional like Gail is an extremely comfortable and painless procedure.

Can you gain weight during colonic irrigation? Is it true that some people have, in fact, lost weight as well? And, is colonic irrigation better, more effective than an enema?

For all this and much, much more, tune in to our latest show now.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What can you expect in colonic irrigation?
  • Why no two colonic irrigation sessions are ever the same
  • How long does a typical colonic irrigation session last?
  • Can you gain weight in colonic irrigation?
  • Why colonic irrigation is better, more effective than an enema
  • And so much more…


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welcome back everybody today we again have Gail Naas on our show and my lovely wife Michelle joining us for a discussion a follow up discussion Gail I met with you last week and had my first colon hydrotherapy experience. Well, yes you did and number one I really enjoyed our first podcast that we did I thoroughly enjoyed being of service and being able to give you a colon hydrotherapy session your first ever and I’m extremely excited to come back and talk to you and your wife Michelle about your experience yes it was exciting west it what is yeah and I I actually so I had you on my show on a previous episode and I had asked a gazzilion questions because not having had that experience I wanted to know what was coming so if anyone hasn’t had that colon hydrotherapy experience and they’re thinking about going and all the questions that you might have in your head before going there look up that previous podcast it was very in depth and Michelle you have had colon hydrotherapy for years so I thought it would be nice to have you on so this is after the fact and I get to be a little bit well, vulnerable here telling about my first experience and we have the professional Gail to answer any additional questions that might come up so
you know it when I got to your place I thought wow this is sweet it was a spa close to the ocean ocean environment kind of thing we saw some massage rooms on the way in a place to do you know manicures pedicures and you had saunas in rooms where there were massage the true yes I’m so glad that you mention it on unique to our spa is that we have individual private wet steam rooms attached to every massage therapy room so when you won’t get a massage you have the opportunity to get a private steam and exfoliation if you like and shower off and then laid on the table with a therapist comes back in and gives a great one hour massage I like massage therapy that one of the rooms had things hanging from the ceiling that you know you can actually have people walking on your spine hello it’s called Ashiatsu yes we do have one room that’s equipped with those bars so that you you can receive that therapy as well. and made our way into the through the entire a big location back to the back of the facility where the plumbing is
we need plumbing need plumbing was that colon hydrotherapy room which was nice in the back in its private little area with its own facilities for restroom changing room dedicated restrooms so you can change and you can use the restroom before and after the session without having to leave the the confines of the private room and I noticed that the colon hydrotherapy unit is kind like mounted to the wall and there was a a series of I believe six filters going into it
for what purpose well okay so thank you
putting filtered water into the body’s extremely important it’s just it’s just not city tap water because well I’m not gonna drink that so what we have to do is we have to make sure that the water is extremely clean that’s going into your body because that large intestines job is to up take to recycle water from the waste material coming out of the small intestine and it goes of the large intestine and then it gets reabsorbed into the body and that goes straight to the liver so if you are up taking toxic material and deliver then you’re just over taxing rest the body yeah I am you know it’s interesting because a carbon filter I think takes like ninety nine point nine percent of the impurities out of the water and if you have six of them in a row I’m guessing you’re getting pretty pure straight H2O at that point. You had mentioned that a lot of people for their first colon hydrotherapy sessions Were you nervous the first time you went yeah very nervous comfortable okay the first person who did it for me was an older man named Izzy I don’t know if you know that name? I remember Izzy yeah Is he still around?
no he’s he transitioned years ago all god bless him and his wife Michelle I would go and see his place on eighty four in Davie and he was just awesome it was my first time and he just made me feel so comfortable even though he kept forgetting my name Michelle his wife’s name we got a good laugh at it so and I would do every year three sessions with him and then I found someone else in Hollywood and started going to her very good I’m glad you found both of them and and he is dear sweet sweetheart I love him so much and reflexology I used to do with him as well. yeah he was ugh he’s a leader and he was a leader in the reflexology world definitely yeah and in our colon hydrotherapy world yeah yeah nice you had a great therapist I sure did I sure did. I would imagine you know if your chosen this profession and you’re going to be pretty professional because you have to be and if you’re not you’re probably not gonna last anyway so true
well you know people
people are going to be nervous and they’re they’re supposed to be nervous because they’ve never had it done before so your nervous system is working just beautifully when you’re nervous so we let we allow that to be we acknowledge that we allow it and you eventually move through it when it’s right for you right so its part of my job and and actually you know my honor to be able to just be in the space to allow you to hold space for you to be a presence for that to let that move through because that’s really important to to allow it instead of just having to cover it up and brave it through because then I have a client that doesn’t want to show me that their nervous and then that’s just a lot of extra work right go through and that doesn’t allow the body to release which is what they’re there for you know it’s funny because that was probably me I don’t want anyone to know that I’m nervous and I wasn’t up until a point and you did prepare me and you told me you know people will get on the table and they’ll say okay you know sit this way and they’ll that that way instead and and you know you’ll tell them how to do everything and they’ll do it all opposite of what you suggested but I knew that going in so I think I followed instructions Did I do anything…
you did really well we did really well you pass the test right very very very nice and then you know you get very specific instructions on what to do beforehand and and you know you take off everything and put this robe on open in the back but I had a check because did you sing tied in the back or leave it open and stuff you know so I’m supposed to be completely naked instead of this but this robe with open okay can I wear my socks because I don’t want to be like naked under the robe so I wear my socks you know are the cozy feet
my socks on yes you can also very often if people come in with a shirt and pants on their shirts can stay on as well as well are we just need the waist down area to be available and when sorry he got completely naked that well no I had my socks on and so you’re sure it can’t very professional robe that covered a lot so yeah we were good
it’s a difficult treatment down you know that does open in the back and if there’s no reason the closet in the back as you walk out I don’t see your back at all you lay down and then I cover you with a towel from the waist down as well so I am an extremely modest therapist yeah and I fully expect my clients to be just as modest as I am I am very modest and we’ve been married for two and a half years and she hasn’t even seen me naked yet so
you keep your socks so
he keeps his socks on
sometimes a beanie
I like the beanie I like to stay warm cozy box being you know you got the warm in your ear and yet mom told me if I had you know keep my ears warm I’ll never get sick and. and then add when it came to you know okay we’re situated on the table we’re gonna sit this way and then it got real it’s like oh this is really happening so now I started to get a little bit nervous but it was really very you know professional and comfortable and painless I’m one of those people where I can’t be in the same space having a bowel movement or urinating or whatever like that you know stage fright and everything it’s just you know it’s one of those things you know I think I need my own private little space so this is the first time sharing that space in a sense with someone else and but it was okay it was it was I was completely not completely how I was very comfortable
one of the reasons I think that people are more comfortable in there and and then using a restroom with other people around is that our body actually makes some noises and there’s other processes that could happen and that is kind of daunting to do in front or
around other people where in hydrotherapy number one with a professional number two the speculum is attached to some tubes and the waste tube that is attached the speculum okay I have to back up here the speculum is inserted into your body it has two openings at the very end one is for water line to go through it and one is for the waste hose to come out so by the time that things leave your body are your already distanced from that and then it goes through a four foot tube and then into our device where you can see the we call the the stuffies as it goes through the view tube and then you can take a look at that before go straight to the sewar so we it’s kind of dis- there’s a disconnect by that time
just to clarify you said view tube not YouTube it’s not going be on you tube I correct
well some of my clients have posted on Instagram during another camera said watch. the the speculum day you know insertion you offered me you have the option of you know go do I want help you with that are you want me to do it and you know go ahead you know you’re I’m sure you’ve done it a thousand times so and you know you showed me how it works and how there was that is something that you know kind of makes it go any easier than that art comes out and you know and are you showed me how it would be anchored underneath so I didn’t have to fear about it you know having a blowout knit it shooting out or anything little anchor to it that’s kind of tucked underneath me which you very quickly snuck in there because I didn’t even see it notice you do and I said well you did did you record you already that okay when you had me moving on the table and getting into the position I guess
and then you mentioned that there would be probably a series of fills and that the first bill would be a small scale and you told me what I would feel without water temperature and where I would feel that and everything like that yes it was exactly as you had described it by missed anything? well no I think that you’re doing really really well I do like to just give instructions or our information one step ahead as we go through the process because I hate surprises don’t I I don’t do well in surprises of my life or my therapy treatments no matter what kind of therapy I’m receiving just tell me it so I I you know I know a little bit and so if when I do that hopefully there’s no surprises for my client and you’re right the first fill
is an educational fill so that your body can learn about how that’s going to feel because that’s a new feeling as well everything is new the first time so we do like to do just to describe that so may I describe a little bit about that for your listeners? okay so when we start on what we do is we allow the water to go in and water and potential waste to come out at the same time it’s just a cycle and we call that D. cycle so it’s emptying part of a fill and emptying cycle and so we call it the empty cycle because if your contents of your large intestine want to empty out at that time it could. normally in the first couple minutes and we don’t see anything it’s clear water because it’s kinda like on a rinse cycle in your body is getting used to the water it’s getting used to the room to sound of my voice everything else that’s going on and the water starts to soften the fecal matter that’s what we wanted to do we want the water to do the work so what we just let all that process go so we got water going into water and waste going out
it’s coming out of your body easily because that’s the path of least resistance
however we want to get the entire large intestine the entire five feet of that large intestine with water in it so we can soften all of the matter in there and then let that come out so we have to do a fill that in that stops the path of least resistance from coming out and it actually goes further in and we do that at a very very low rate in fact for those listeners who have experience doing enemas you can deliver up to five pounds per square inch of pressure by giving yourself an enema and on a fill in professional device you are at a half a pound per square inch and a half pounds per square inch less pressure than than a typical enema so much easier much easier and you don’t have to get up and sit on the toilet
all of that it’s just all handled right there comfortable and I had coffee enemas before and yes there’s a you know you feel a pressure and urgency and I don’t I didn’t really experience that at all you didn’t with colonic irrigation no
they call me the gentle one and that’s why
cause usually when I would get my colonics, I would be like oh no yes stop stop stop because I would feel like I was about to explode and she would check to see how much water I was taking in and she would say I need to get a little bit past this line and the next time get past this line to fill up more and more
during our first time ever colon hydrotherapy session I’m not going to push that envelope at all I’m all right as far as my experienced colon hydrotherapy receivers uhhh they know that envelope right yeah if some if a client says stop I’m going to stop and so for this listening audience that means that the way that we make
the path of least resistance go further in the colon instead of coming out is that I do change a a lever on my machine and so it doesn’t allow the water to come back out which means that the water’s gonna fill and normally what people feel and when they’re about full is pressure at the rectum which is where all those wonderful nerve endings are and then they just say stop and we re re release. I find that pushing that envelope at all during the first session is just not as beneficial it’s just allowing the body to do what it wants to do when and how it wants to do it but my my more experienced colon hydrotherapy receivers they will push that envelope and do you encourage pushing that envelope? not all the time no
I don’t I don’t but that is a typical it’s going up to your threshold right I want my clients to be as comfortable as possible so right and when in doubt we stop we just since and because you can always continue and do another fill another release another fill and tell you… exactly yeah
not all okay so not all colon hydrotherapy sessions are the same in fact I’ve had hundreds and not two of them are ever the same also there are times when all you need to do is put that speculum inside my body turn the water on and I might release for forty five minutes straight then there’s other times that I need a little bit more encouragement and I have to fill and release fill and release fill and release to get something going there’s times where massage a little massage will help trigger the release is a mechanical more of an action needs to happen and there’s times that I don’t want somebody to touch my abdomen there is times where somebody can do reflexology like Izzy used to do on our feet and get another release to happen so it depends on what bag of ummm tools that that they’re whatever their background is brings into the session that they’ll go ahead and use use cranio-sacral therapy and things like that how often do you get them done
well it’s kinda late the shoemakers kids so I get them done as often as I possibly can I get them done immediately if I start feeling a sore throat or scratchyness of the at at the back of my throat when I think that I’m about to come down with something which I will get on the table immediately immediately because I know all that if I allow my body to help it if I allow myself to have something help get rid of the toxins that are dumping into my into my colon and get that out of my body the faster that process will be you know germs can’t live on high heat right so we we have fevers for a purpose Its our body’s own innate intelligence to say Hey something’s going on let’s heat up let’s get something done here let’s burn off these germs and maybe we need to surround it with a lot of mucus right which is why we get a cold so we can get out the mucous well our body wants to exit those things out of our bodies so you get a colon hydrotherapy session
then that happens due to go faster in fact I can readily remember three times in my life when I had a slight fever
I if there was an excuse me for the audience that’s listening if there was an orifice and it could be losing something and it was I had my glands are swollen I felt all awful and I got on the table I got a colonic and during my session my fever broke during my session session my glands went back down to normal and I was able to go back to work after that so (awesome) that’s when I that’s when I really get in there and get something done in a preventative way just because I happen to like to feel good I will I will at least try after hundreds and hundreds of colonic therapy sessions I will I’ll do at least four times a year
yeah but for the season I have people come for seasonally and there’s four seasons and so we do want see I’ve got people that come to me on their birthdays every year
every my birthday and then I would schedule for three of them yeah yeah and just do it once a month January February March and then be done very good
I want to go back into the procedure a little bit just to yeah talk about some of the things that people would expect that might happen you had mentioned that you could kind of forced a fill in a sense close the valve but then you also and this is getting a little maybe personal for me and that’s okay
you mentioned that you said that was a spontaneous release is a spontaneous release going against that valve closed or does that mean that it’s what is it what’s what’s happening
okay so a spot for me a spontaneous releases that when there’s just water running in and coming out at the same time that your body says okay I I can go ahead and release whatever’s there the presence of water inside the large intestine which is going to trigger something that’s called peristaltic behavior which is your muscle
and so if there is enough water going by and things are starting to move around and because why we’re doing colonic hydrotherapy your body is still working right so it decides like I’m gonna go ahead release it can spontaneously go ahead release and when I said that at all there haven’t been any I hadn’t been doing massage right before that I had doing we didn’t do it fill there was no other action going on except your body stay going it’s okay that so is that does that have to do anything with the position that you had the valve in? yes
no it did right so that was closed and you were doing a force fill that could still happen we’re no not well okay the force I’m sorry as you you said something about like you have a valve that you can turn to do like a forced fill well okay the work force is kind of tough
when we put you when we purposely put you on a fill I wanted to I’m gonna turn off the water flow completely to your body I’m gonna turn valve on the machine to a fill position and I’m gonna slowly start the water back in
will you feel full and you wanna release your gonna say the word stop because my right hand is been trained over the last thirty years to go ahead and take action when it hears the word stop and return the valve over to the empty cycles again and empty out so so during your spontaneous release nothing that hadn’t happened there was nothing else going on okay
is that and when you say that you know you turn the water fill off is there like a valve that opens up to allow the release or is that always like a pressure sensitive or the
so within the device it is whether or not it allow the water to empty or not okay I don’t know if I understand your question so in other words are you controlling some kind of gate that either allows water to come out or not when I put you on a fill yes okay yeah okay
the device does that so it doesn’t allow water go go it allows the path of least resistance to go the opposite direction okay and then it’ll open up and then water can come out all right so not now gonna get all graphic here okay is there a lot of people just listening only and so I’m being a little descriptive here little transparent
is this view tube and the first thing I see looks like this slinky kind of I don’t know you know those
you know those you know like those door springs that when you’re a kid you would does you know the door stoppers and you hit them and they doing… and if you stretched why not it was on almost like a coiled kind I don’t know what it was now went by kind of quick so I didn’t get to see
but there’s only way we would know what that was if we caught it but it went where?
It went where? it well it went into the sewar right out to the sewar the get at called can go by very very quickly and then it goes right up to the sewar we can collect and some of the devices there are ways that we can collect specimens and we’ve done that before don’t and then once you collect and you can put them under the the microscope but for most people everything’s just going right out into the sanitary waste into the view tube and then right out into the sewar just like a a toilet as if you flush the toilet good bye yeah
and and then I guess if you do enough fills in people eventually stopped releasing you know six filtered water of spring water comes out of a person right
well there’s okay so
Dr Mike there’s always more to release there’s always more to release and so at at we target a forty five minute mark and sometimes we close a little early couple minutes and sometimes we have to go a little late as your bodies and one of those releases and there’s no stopping it if it’s in the middle of a release we aim for a quiet time where your only releasing Clearwater and session to a close. okay Typically how long does one session last? for forty five minutes forty five it’s it’s it’s targeted for forty five minutes and then after that like I remember after the session I would go into the bathroom and I would be there for maybe another ten minutes
yes so although what we’re closing down the session on and your
just M. clear water it’s a nice quiet time to go ahead and close the session down and allow that as much water and at that time you might have another release so I have to turn the water back on and through all but we wait until it’s nice and quiet and as much water comes out of you as possible and then
it and will wait as long as possible for that to happen but when you try over to your left side and the speculum comes out we set up all the water that’s left inside of you if there’s any there normally is that gravity will take effect on that so you’ll need to just to make sure that you can evacuate the rest and it’s different just like there’s no two colon hydrotherapy sessions that are the same no two after the experiences are ever the same either sometimes you release a lot more into the toilet which is just fine
and then sometimes not at all so it’s all it’s all different what I care about is we get water in water and waste out so that happens on the table as that happens in the restroom later whatever happens and sometimes people are so nervous so so nervous that it doesn’t happen until the toilet I
yeah I think I emptied out in the machine on the toilet and
you know it’s funny because you said well some people might you know think of all this is a a weight loss saying it’s not it’s a cleansing
I’m the reason I ate when I got home and got on the scale was three pounds lighter is because I was no longer full of
feces exactly exactly well and that it could be a very very typical experience that people feel so much lighter and brighter and and because there are the weight of the bowel is different right all
and it it’s kind of fun sometimes when somebody knows that they’ve lost a lot of weight it’s not that they’ve lost body mass and body weight they’ve lost the weight of the material right so when people look at it as a weight loss plan I get concerned because it’s not about weight loss and I haven’t had many people believe it or not that have been so dehydrated
before that they absorb so much of the water that they’ve actually gained a couple and that gets very depressing if you’re on if you’re on a weight loss regimen and you gain weight because you gain enough water right and that doesn’t last for those people that and we are concerned about their weight on it doesn’t last as just that that you you were dehydrated that the body just takes all that water and says I’m gonna take it and if that’s the case then were really working a lot on hydrating the body more than just taking care of the colon in my opinion
yeah well awesome how do you feel now? I feel great and I wanna make an appointment for a session I’d be happy to even though it’s not January February March it doesn’t matter what I haven’t done it in probably three years
so I’m overdue I do coffee enemas which I love doing those but
get a little deeper yeah coffee enemas are fantastic for those listeners the you Mike and Michelle can tell you about their experiences or you can go to the Gerson institute or instructions and information and videos a lot how to give yourself a coffee enema yeah and they’re valuable in my opinion yeah yeah for sure and you know like you mentioned not as cleansing probably getting just a lower section of the large intestine maybe just the rectum but there’s that descending the transverse the a standing on the other side and but you had indicated it’s about five feet of large intestine you know who knows how much you’re getting with the coffee and maybe your cleansing a foot of it
our enemas are designed eight to ten inches to to clean out eight to ten inches of the most distal end of the colon where colon hydrotherapy it’s intended to get the entire five feet when what’s also important here is that if you take that colon and cut it open and spread it out it’s going to fill a volleyball field has that much surface area so that’s just a lot to expect from at you know an enema yeah and on that same note it’s interesting if you think about the surface area with all the folds and you know projections and the transverse projections on them the surface area
being compacted in there you stuff that you know I like your analogy of the lasagna pan because yes you put the lasagne pan in there and if you wash it they’re still layers on and if you soak it wash it again there’s or you can just soak it so get really good everything loosens up and comes out and it seems to me that was my experience on the colonic irrigation table
yeah like I said there’s always more there’s always more because what we’re doing colon hydrotherapy your body is still processing what you ate the day before the day before and the day before that sh you don’t have good transit time when you’re still processing what you had last week and you get to see it in the view tube too at one point I was like oh yeah there’s the strawberries
we talk a lot about chewing well what what what I saw was you know when you eat strawberries there’s like those little things that get stuck in your teeth does not they’re almost like little pieces of wood seeds yes and and you know you saw water with a bunch of those on the bottom it’s like yeah that was my strawberry smoothie last night there it goes bye well that’s good yesterday I saw a lot of ummm potato skins and my clients as all my goodness all right I really did not eat that potato well and it is evident was potato skins like oh!
chewing your food is really important if you’re if you don’t chew your food and mix it with the saliva in your mouth which has that amylase carbohydrate digestion starts in the mouth so if you don’t chew your food and get that to a very liquid state before you swallow it your stomach can identify with and work with them so just keeps bogging down the system it passes through and it just when comes potato skins come out and you know I laughed about that and I’ll joke about that with my clients but I come from where I speak because during one of my sessions twenty five years ago I had a wonderful salad the night before and I had made all those fresh organic stuff often chalked it up and I spent the money on the salad an act with black olives and there and I sliced the black olives and so that I could spread out that wonderful taste throughout my entire salad and I ate it next day I had a colonic and half a black olives with out tooth mark on it came tumbling through clear clearing
why did I bother spending the money away yeah no no no nutrients out of that all not even a tooth mark on it you didn’t taste tastes that piece no I didn’t I didn’t there’s nothing there’s no benefit no where yeah I like people to understand you know when you’re chewing your food because ultimately you really do very little digesting when you chew up your food you’re preparing it for your microbiome to do the digesting they consume and process it and digest it for you turning it into this bio sludge of their excretions that you’re intestines sink into an absorbing nutrients from their efforts but we need to chew our food and prepare it for them I wonder what it would be like doing chronic irrigation on a competitive food eater you know those competition guys like I forget his name yeah yeah I will go in not not there goes an hour there goes half a hot dog there’s another half a hot dog is a like thirty hot dogs in about ten minutes yeah I yeah that would be a challenge
Gail I wanna thank you so much you’re very professional you have a beautiful facility there in fort Lauderdale Florida and it was just a great experience so thank you so much for you yeah joining me here and and walking me through my first colonic irrigation and all of it was a pleasure to Dr thank you so much I appreciate it and Michelle I hope to see you soon thank you I look forward to it one more thing anyone in the fort Lauderdale area or yeah I’m sure people drive from all over Florida to come to you what’s the best phone number to call well it does Elena europa spa but the best phone number to call me is my direct line which is nine five four nine three one four nine five zero is my direct line okay great and thank you so much thank you that’s yeah thank you see you soon. Thanks Doctor