Why Do Coffee Enemas?

Coffee Enema History

Susan Erlich Quote CardCoffee enemas are believed to have originated from German physicians searching for a cancer treatment in the early 1900s. However it was the Gerson therapy, created by Max Gerson, a German-American doctor, that helped put the procedure on the map. Gerson believed you could detox the body and give it the nutrients it needs to heal itself using an organic plant-based diet, raw juices, and coffee enemas.

In today’s episode of The Dr. Haley Show, Dr. Haley chats with Susan Erlich from Pure Life Health Equipment. Her company makes Pure Life Coffee Enema kits and coffee. They discuss this unique form of detoxing.

You’ll discover what’s involved in a coffee enema and the benefits it offers to users. You’ll learn a little of Susan’s experiences with toxic chemicals found in everyday products and how she discovered the benefits of coffee enemas. You’ll discover why Pure Life insists on using high-quality, non-toxic materials and ingredients that won’t introduce new toxins to the body. You’ll also learn some of the benefits of looking to natural remedies for relief of issues caused by toxins found in our environment.

Join Dr. Haley and Susan as they explore the world of naturopathic remedies in general and coffee enemas in particular!


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What a coffee enema actually involves and its benefits.
  • A little of Susan’s story and how she discovered the benefits of coffee enemas.
  • The importance of using high-quality, non-toxic materials and ingredients for the enema kits that won’t introduce new toxins to the body.
  • The benefits of looking to natural remedies for relief of issues caused by toxins found in our environment.


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Un-edited AI Transcript

Susan thank you so much for joining me today being on my show thank you for inviting me doctor Henry you have a very well a unique business a business dedicated your life health products probably the main product area being advocates is that correct yeah am a coffee enema coffee yes well I’m you know this is one of those it one of those topics that I have a recent so significant interest in because I recently had my own health challenge so to speak kind of a blockage of sorts and I I went to my chiropractor you know that I’m a chiropractor chiropractor go other chiropractors we can’t adjust ourselves and it when he was top hitting on my abdomen in the series just I felt like I was it gonna explode and he brought up this and I’m not bucket said here go get started and get me some basic instructions and within a few days I got tremendous relief and saw some very significant benefit and probably you know each day as I did them progressively it not only was I getting a more thorough copy anima but probably also learning how to do it better and you know we have more of a fourth benefit what really works for me so a a tremendous help for me that which that’s why I have you on the show I want at you know a lot about this how did you get into this so my first question that to you was what did you do a water or coffee enema coffee enema he said call in a minute very little bit about it and I’m gonna ask you some questions today about that because you know I went home and I drink coffee in the morning so you know I we use the morning bro and
we’re going to get into to some details and you can tell me about all the things I did wrong to
your question was how did I get into this yes okay it’s a great story it’s mine I’m just so happy to tell others because many people there are kind of waiting to hear from those people that actually had a healing experience of war where am I talking to save their lives or you know and of course it’s not just talking about it would be the combination of nutrition a good nutrition and detox out I am actually my story was I purchased way back maybe for all about eleven years ago I had purchased a soak up and it was made of a lot of chemicals they had it wrapped in the imposter
you know when little it it was very hot the sun had activated the chemicals in it so it out yeah so when I sat on it in my living room I was just filled with Tom
okay then I and I could still go into my system and so it went into my liver it went into my nervous system and it reads
mmhm and I was pretty much laying in bed out with peripheral the round trip from the toxins for probably a couple months basically unable to move
I couldn’t figure I was just everywhere so a friend of mine
you don’t have you tried coffee enemas and I said the note but I trusted my friend and I I knew she knew a lot and she says you got repair some therapy that’s all I got the book I read that so all the cases trees and I said you know that’s enough for me there’s nothing else out there that is gonna help me you know so I tried it in one person therapy very very disciplined and doing it exactly the way that they sell and with that in any we
I was feeling maybe thirty percent better and in two weeks I was a hunter percent better most no chemicals known you know neurotoxins and I was free of pain and suffering and that was after two weeks then I continued I was so excited and
went on for four weeks doing one coffee enema okay and I was coming up it was all the cells in my body had been regenerated or rejuvenated I am
I felt like I had the body of a fifteen year old you know it took years off of my system and that was the combination of juicing drinking lots of juices of following the program and you know a coffee enema every day it’s a beautiful thing because you know these things all work together to change your body’s chemistry which really is your nutrition you know people think that nutrition is just what they eat but breeding these toxic chemicals in from that couch in these plastics altered your chemistry which is really altering your plasma nutrition at changing it from nutritious things to heart toxic chemicals now you’re seeking ways to change that nutrition back to something normal through detoxification and flooding in the healthy nutrients from juicing one of the things that you mentioned it’s a cool thing
and this is a perfect place to tell people that the things we’re talking about today there’s really not science to say this is a a cure or a treatment for any disease any condition that you might have there’s a lot of common sense to it there’s a lot of common sense that says you know good things and you know your body works better garbage in garbage out is you know used to be used in the computer but also for the body you know as we put garbage and we our bodies operate like garbage as we consume good things they are supported and able to function better more like they’re supposed to and in the same way we can get the garbage out and detoxify of course things are going to be better is the science there does this cure cancer you know funny thing that’s a one of those words I’m sure well in order to be proven as a teacher or something has to be scientifically proven we don’t know what the cures to cancer are that doesn’t mean they’re not there they’re just not nothing is proven to cure cancer so as we talk about these things let’s make that absolutely clear these are concepts and things that people have done they feel good about it and for some reason they feel like they should continue either doing these are using I’m at certain points in their life I think I talked to Patrick bickers with hydration therapy and Mexico I’m not my episode number two and I believe he said to this day he does a coffee enema every day
some and I can relate you know it’s one of those things where it just something about it really feels beneficial
yeah and I think I mean that really been kind of the testimonies and the case histories from the Gerson institute or other people you know we have our customers too but or my own testimony the the I mean you know there’s not a lot of quotes science healthier but there sure is a lot of transformation there through a lot of six that people are helping with their health so something must be working in a live to the white let’s end in other words well I mean know there are there are medical documentations from the eighteen hundreds done by medical doctors and they are recorded in some medical journals there no it’s not well maybe the science that they were writing about that my patients got better when I did the cost and they have done Alanis copies I think they will and where they can see what happens in the colon
but there there are few medical journals that very positively about coffee enema results it just in case anyone listening to this and not fully sure what a coffee enema is okay what’s a coffee enema
yeah is in a very now these are my opinions and I’m not a doctor here but you know what I been ten years in this business and we’ve also worked with that send doctors a little bit and we’re very pro Christian therapy or does make a difference there’s gaps is different therapies out there
Dr Vickers and many medical doctors are actually now you know offering or telling their their patience and I’m
good coffee enema is it ministered through aim bustle I can and I can’t you make coffee with a certain recipe port in them the animal container and you deliver that coffee through the rectum which will
end up in the portal going through the portal vein of the lever and job entering the labor and opening the bile ducts of the liver which were holding me up toxins that have maybe been there for your entire life so there is
really in my opinion nothing much that will open those files that’s not like a coffee enema yeah I need a coffee enema how much coffee we typically talking about volume eyes
to do a coffee enema yes how much would you pay them how much copy should someone make
well the outer size bucket is hold on to cups what basically you’re doing a quart of a coffee enema yeah arm some people can’t take yeah full court they need put in a half a quart into their into the rock and they will hold about fifteen minutes and let that goes throughout your system it also can clean your brain in your laden lots of things in the process and then now after fifteen minutes to go to the toilet and expel the coffee enema
go to the bathroom in the train okay all right great and yeah I think I’m I think thank buckets that I’ve seen hold anywhere from forty eight ounces to a half gallon but that doesn’t mean you’re filling up all the way and it’s nice to have a little
space at the top for carrying around and and transporting from kitchen or you know go to wherever you’re gonna get do this yeah I’m
so we we we can’t say yes you know the whole
a copy in the whole court you know that once you know because everybody’s different but if you can do court all at once without stretching your call and now I am feeling any pain that’s that and I think that’s where my you know I mentioned that as I repeated it daily for a number of days I was more Storo after you know as each day went because you know at first it is starting out small you’re I’m sure you don’t know what to do and you definitely empty and and and feel
more empty than ever before you know it actually as you get good practiced and you’re able to relax and possibly use more coffee what temperature should copy
thank you what temperature should not copy be
temperature okay so well now might be a little warm but you’re not using hot coffee you’re not putting in cold coffee no not all not you don’t want your body to spasm messenger in some warm okay and is there a special kind of coffee I know I’m in in the morning I like to drink a dark roast is dark roast okay up your coffee enemas in Norcross no well I drink I drink dark roasted yeah no drinking coffee interesting to say but I didn’t read somewhere and I think this was weird
drinking coffee can actually start closing the bile ducts in your liver I don’t know if but you’re on a
copyright my program you want to make necessarily drinker it’s a very different you know up thanks for reading from taking a coffee enema and you know you can copy goes in here well let’s not forget some things and it’s kind not recommended to do when you’re on a coffee enema I mean I’m talking to
only maybe a little bit back after my ordeal and my my feeling of my system might live everything I need them there really wasn’t
any decent enema kids out there and they were made out of plastic vinyl bags you know latex red rubber bags for the very thing now act that you can’t clean inside which is not good in latex will break down there were some buckets from China that we’re over here but I thought you know we need a we need nontoxic animal products as well we’re detoxing let’s make sure that the products were using or not use more toxins in the body yeah you know so I did my research and then decided that USA stainless steel was the cleanest stainless steel to use from Adam about roots and ours is tested in a laboratory for any kind of contaminants so we started developing U. S. inmates stand still markets and that are my coffee we got together with the person doctors back family members Charlotte person was still alive so we started formulating and him finding out what would be the best coffee to be going into your lover ung up and I make you sure it was very very clean copy that’s important and so that was the beginning of your life
okay and I do have some questions about that because even when you said berry clean are you talking about how it’s grown I assume
thank you pardon do I I assume you’re talking about how the coffee is grown
a lot of things a lot of things going to providing clean coffee
yeah it’s so basically we buy a very high specialty grade coffee which is in a class of its own so it’s more expensive it will not have mold and fungus on it it is transported away were no moisture will get insurance on we’ve certified by two agencies not just wanna make sure there’s no organic so there’s no chemicals in it so it’s a double check and then were out also on sending it to laboratory for testing
so yeah that’s what I mean by clean yeah if he wrote that you’re right I’m yeah we do not fire drum roaster coffee and we use a special law roaster which will
that there are it’s a fluid battery are that will basically pop the skin off the being rather than cook it because cooking a being can
and when you have burnt beans you can get possibly carcinogens in European stocks so we don’t use that process fire
so it sounds a lot different than what I would purchase at the grocery store yeah what’s the story really you don’t have people that are really concerned about toxins probably so much or anything else for that matter they think for taste you know we’re gonna you know make it contains staying might pretty bag some yet on down it’s maybe certified organic by one agency but this is for cleaning the lever and really and they wouldn’t take the care that we went in in buying a specialty great being M. which is monitored through the whole transportation route from the grower all the way to the consumer not have you found out you know when trying and trying to find the best coffee to use for the end March early on was a light roast medium roast dark roast
yeah well your life now we always help three the levels in three different copies of the lighter the rose the stronger and more powerful the detox will be so our lightest most powerful our culture like gold rose gold color almost not quite as cold as this better close it’s you know it’s golden and that’s not for everybody some people they don’t need that much detoxing power or their bodies or maybe a little frail and weak and shouldn’t use that because it sounds
also in my coffee or coffee enemas cannot disturb the minerals electrolytes a little bit the stronger the copy the more the minerals might be in balance you have to take more minerals maybe go a little more to sing to get your nutrients
so that’s a strong then we have our like most which is next and then our medium roast which we always recommend for beginners it’s up you know the brown colored copy and I we recommend that most that is what I’m sure the the person
Anderson doctors recommended for their patients but they also included light roast Charlotte is gone now I she passed away and now the people that person are also saying all like is all right people down are in good enough shape to the
to use it once in a while that if I’ve got some something in my system that I feel I need a powerful detox you know I can use it you got my curiosity I can’t wait to get the light and the ultra light and try and in that order
you want to
know how strong should be when you make it use about the same amount of copy as if you’re making it to drink
are you making it the same way yes long
well on the way the way I thought we would be make it for an animal it is in a pot on the stove yes non aluminum pot yeah okay all you want the recipe or well what I’m what I’m wondering yes in fact if if we can put in a document and what I’ll do is I’ll attach it a link to it so that people can actually download a recipe for right all right
yeah saw yeah is the way it’s been made for a long long time yeah I was just wanting if for using about the same amount of coffee as we would if we are making it to drank cars that are more of a light bro I mean not light differently to get all the the caffeine and the problematic acid out of the beat or the ground rose because we offer both the beans good people it’s maybe fresher on that we’re not treating it so it doesn’t really matter but anyway or it’s already pre brown you want to get out that the most counts being implemented gossip of the talking when you’re cooking it because that’s what you need to open up those files okay you know and I I was did some research and I I saw this on you I I forget if it was you or someone else that I sought to do this but a lot of times when we make the coffee there is in the bottom of the pan of the potter however you’re making it is almost like a coffee so that
the the fine lines what are you doing with that are you putting that into the animal or are you just going off the topic and getting rinsing out away going out away yeah actually someone the still is is good for you it’s a personal preference some people you know may think no I don’t want you know
G. but actually a little bit of the fine very fine sentiment is okay if you get from your your L. and among the animal into your body you don’t want a lot of there’s a little better so if you don’t want it
you know okay well first of all you should always restrain your enema coffee if you’re going in and you’re an o’clock at
we have a special training for that and that will catch most of the sentiment but because it’s so fine so fine it will get in there
there well they’re a little bit and am so that’s fine you don’t want a lot because it can clog up your your nozzle maybe or your call to sell okay and when we talk about a little bit more about the different options in the and I’m a buckets in fact I bring it up right now because I I have one that I like a whole lot it’s it’s got the bottom stick it on it which I had ordered from your website yeah I I am D. by
class that you must yeah that’s my favorite well
yeah I I love it and you know we leave it hanging up because of that you know because the spec it’s on the bottom it’s not a flat bottom of course but one of things I like about it is I’m one of those guys who you know I I never run out of toothpaste when I do there’s always more you can always get one more brushing out a space stuff I hate to waste things I’m I I get that rest of all of everything and when the spec it is on the side towards the bottom it’s all it reminds me of when I played football and you know as the big Gatorade cooler got down toward the bottom you get two people to kind of talk to you as you try to get some water out of it because there’s still some in there
but it but it’s just harder to get out where is the bottom spec it it all comes out I’m but the downside to it is it can’t sit on a flat surface you can’t sit on a flat surface but is that night
well it’s hanging out right yes when the clamp close yes and if you have too much of the settlement I have clogged it
and then there not until the very end anyway so it’s not like a clogged towards that you know but as he got down toward the bottom the the sediment collected towards the the spigot on the bottom that is when it quads so I realized okay I’m and I I did that probably shortly after seeing the video where but whatever was said yeah I don’t it’s okay to put that in there that was the first time that I am right now I realize okay so maybe a little bit sentiment is okay and it probably would not have clogs if I didn’t put all the settlement and
it was not at fault if you have not all the sentiment is right all right yeah and we can you know use a strainer I mean that’s training the poppies important you don’t you know no that tell just about all of it so it should be fine with a stranger when you’re streaming at and I I you know I noticed on your website you have a lot of options from the you know stainless steel and glass the with the suspect on the side that last on the bottom I don’t recall there was this bottom spigot stainless steel what I don’t I don’t recall if there was a stainless steel with the spec it autumn no no we don’t have that but not not that I would necessarily want that stainless steel is nice because it’s clean I first one the one that was given to me by the chiropractor was a plastic bucket
the new benefits of the plastic was you could see through it like the glass are you you can see it and know how much copy there is well where’s the stainless steel you can’t see through it it’s not a big deal because you’re not trying to take in coffee by what you see the lasted it it’s not a competition we have to listen to your body to I mean even though you can’t see the solution after allowing it to slow down long the solution a floor where you you know for me if I start feeling a little fall put the clamp on and stop and wait till things on down all open up and also
much as
my body feels comfortable with look there is I can without discomfort and I know that in the beginning if I sold my pocket you know to maybe I could fill it halfway into court pocket fill just halfway through that and then repeat so what you know the rest of it which would be the yeah on the other half of the court
and now that’s one way to do it and so that you know what’s going into your body mmhm yeah ma’am know the one that I had ordered from your website
I don’t know a month or so ago it was the glass it was due to court which is larger not that you have to do to court but I’m it you know it it it gives you options and
Hey I mean to start we don’t really we don’t advocate plastic plastic plastic no matter what kind of plastic there’s different rates but and you know it’s still clasping it still can be great you know you don’t it breaks down you know and so it’s not something you want to use you want to replace it after so many uses and this that may be a great way to start and practice you know we we we ask people well if going skirt with blouse I mean if you love last we’ve never done a cost start with the plastic person you know and then you know by the blast because course class you have to handle very carefully yeah well yeah yeah mine’s been in good shape but nothing’s happened to it yet but yeah I learned with the plastic and
you know little things that you’ll learn along the way like you know don’t trip over the two
what does it yeah when it’s when it’s when when your buckets full copy
exactly do you happen to be coordinated yeah so you all over yeah you know but you know
I think we also have a silicon animal okay that’s see through so that’s another option it’s not as easy to clean and a last one would be or stainless steel silicon enema bag but they’re great for traveling you know if what I use it for traveling and it is see through with the bottom at
okay right now I think you would agree with me coffee enemas aren’t for everybody are there some country indications
yes there are I mean I have a you here
yes there some people that should not to copy animals those with some
let’s see what it here if you have a
ulcerative colitis that might be one of them there is a listing you can find it on our website I don’t have it all in front of me there’s a few
okay possibly I don’t know what
we don’t tell people you know through a coffee enema always go see a natural path you know somebody who knows your medical state and the get there some first would be the best idea you can even go to a medical doctor those medical doctors that do are supportive of Khan’s there are a growing number out there now so I’m getting the go ahead from mama and endearing natural palaces I believe the best thing
yeah sounds great yeah well why not right
I didn’t go I just you know read the person the case histories so people doing them since the nineteen forties thought well they let’s say for everybody and I think that’s probably fine and I did it yeah I would just I would imagine there’s probably certain things that you know for instance pregnancy okay that might be a time indication so you know if you have any questions or concerns I would definitely run it by a healthcare professional and say yes like country indication do
it’s a little bucket this one that we Kerry will help the country indications we have all person box also your available which goes into that detail I mean I suggest anybody that’s gonna start a program for me is to get the numbers in therapy now
I I agree with you you know I’m having interviewed Dr Becker Seuss in time it was at Charlotte Gerson I think you mentioned her name earlier yeah that’s who he had learned from after reading Dr Carson’s work and you know he it what what he shared with me absolutely loved it so it makes sense and I know that yeah I know that doctor Kristin got amazing results and now we’re seeing people like Dr Vickers who are continuing as work getting similar results it’s a beautiful way and that’s the way to get our little motto was time to get back to nature you know I’m fine those things that are natural in nature all better healing you know are not you haven’t he touched my manner you know you know they’re in it’s purest state no and yeah this I’m just amazed all the time at
how connected we are with nature and our like you said a chemistry you know and you know whether it’s eating a piece of ginger are you selling nossos you know and wow it thought works or a coffee enema get rid of your headache you know yeah
there is a lot of things now that coffee enemas do I mean even I recently a customer had no pain she couldn’t move for now two or three weeks
practice which help but she still had it and she got a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and you know and it started radiating down her shoulders and she was a lot of pain and it turned out when she cut all the toxins out of her own diet all the chemicals and did a coffee enema and started taking herself property her neck pain all went away and she could move it turned out and it was totally related they get into your they can get in your joints since your muscles your brain everywhere you know causing pain and people let you know when what’s causing it you know we live in a very toxic environment now and you know and
I’m just so grateful for the coffee plant
the coffee plant yeah right now I noticed or some other things on your website two other animus allusions including wheat grass yeah what what why or what are some of the other options and why might someone consider those denies that usually recommended by the net natural path well know we is recommended by the property’s institute it is is somewhat supported by person there I personally Newsweek grass in order to introduce nutrition directly into my blood during my life a you know a lot of vitamins and minerals and Tom yeah I felt very energized after that so it’s good for nutrition it’s a detoxify the liver as well but not like coffee it’s a mile the talks fire and it sucks good for soothing the call in a little bit but people will go to two weeks for us people will turn to recross if they cannot do coffee enema name maybe to
young haciendas although coffee enemas usually don’t do that there’s just a few people out there that you know I can’t take the coffee enemas so they’ll a week proximus animal doing an enema using coffee is not the same as drinking it you’re not going to get the jitters doesn’t go through the same channel you know it’s going up it’s not going a three year you know upper course body here and so it’s a very different it’s usually a calming from our medium to me I love it because it’s just very calming in a announcer very calming and it can relieve depression and anxieties in our which sometimes are often caused by constant
yeah well you know we talked a little bit about the coffee itself we talked a little bit about the bokeh and then you know we mentioned there’s a spec and I’m not speak it is attached a rubber tube we don’t talk about that but the rubber tube you briefly mentioned that there was a stopper and of some kind so that you can control the flow of and then there are like nozzle options on the end would that you would actually and search into the anus yes there are there are many options differently right what what are some of the options and some of the some of the differences in that someone also see me yes yeah yes there is some nozzles that are made of different materials we have non solicitor silicon silicon is the highest quality of I’ll Robert you know or material that you can use for your host name or for your nozzles or your call and choose which is a long
long too and the so does the nozzle we have a straight nozzle type maybe three and a half inches long made out of silicon and it often it’s flexible little flexible job nice gentle insertion I am that one can be boiled and restore our lives in water for a few seconds the same as our silicon hosts for resuscitation you can’t do that with the other two for nozzles bill maps
yeah ours is arsenal kind of medical grade and it will not the affected my hi fi chemicals anything so it is the best to me so then also we have a straight pipe nozzle I’ll talk about six First Street hi and then we have a tapered nozzle it’s the tapered shape and then for people who have trouble holding the the coffee enema M. for Amazon local reasons or you know sometimes a copy you can kinda stimulate things a little bit
we tried ten minutes hi now the other retention nozzle it’s shaped like a bowl on the M. and it helps fund the opening of the records to help hold that coffee enemas in from coming out too soon okay because different things can happen when you’re trying to hold the the coffin on going
forgive me what did you call it tapered or what was what was the word Paul you you mentioned the word ball okay L. retention nozzle yeah it is not currently a little larger so that closing very softly it’s made out of silicon metal helps the opening of the
the rectum you know so that
the guy had being the same size where it Arjun slides out that makes me proud no no no we’re we’re we’re we’re grown ups here this is it this is good
we’re talking about the things that people would want to know so right I’m let’s not be shy about it and and we’ll take it a step further is there a particular lubrication that you would use for inserting I particular what lubrication do
the young a water based okay a water based on the recount like
I can’t think of the name right now search the it’s water based so it’s toxic but you can also use some maybe other parents all you can do okay oil yeah
they were taken off of because being are very delicate you know you don’t want
any kind of bioterrorism anything to happen and what’s you know basin anyway but are we also have a call in to and that also is inserted instead of the little rectal muscles and it can go a little further in the call and it’s it’s now like a cancel and that’s an option as well okay
great and you know for for me being relatively new you know coconut oil seem to work quite well and
all yeah and I have a of course access to lots of aloe Vera but I still chose coconut oil as the easier option so hello there I love
thank you thank you me too for sure I’m
what else might be important is there any do’s and don’ts that we haven’t talked about
yeah I would say the bucket right of us should be no more than sixteen inches tall you’re to place that no more than sixteen inches of Bob you’re right when you’re laying down more than sixteen inches you don’t want the flow too strong it’s going to be too hard for your body to adapt to it you know let the slow when you want it to be a
low to medium flow you don’t want a fast slow you know it’s just you know some people I’m in a hurry I’m going to work yeah you want it to up go in at the nice medium flow so when you’re
sending it lower double slow the flow little yeah that’s important
let’s see
why it’s important
I think a lot make sure that you choose you know and you can’t exclude nutrition right when detoxing or you’ll end up wiping your system out of you may be better off you don’t even do coffee enema if you’re not drinking L.
treasury panics we’ve hopefully if you can’t get our data okay you know yeah then is all grown but you know that you need the
three eight ounce glasses for every copy anima that you do and
and also a good diet full nutrition song otherwise you might get tired if you’re not doing it that maybe in a week not so tired from doing
and you’re not supposed feel tired because they have more energy
how are you feeling after coffee and I’m not usually right you know in less you have a lot of trucks in the lot of the medicines maybe you’ve got on maybe you you know it says help you know very toxic person it might be a week of coffee enemas for you start feeling good because it’s you know
I I would think the most yeah we you read I mean you’re going to read a lot of different things from people selling things so this is the only kind of animal you should buy
people that are in the making sales well I’m into trying I’m into making people healthy now I feel better and happy and we you know really and we know that there’s not just one type of copy you should be using yeah don’t you find the one that’s right for you are you can try different ones that medium is someone that sure the person and Max person use since the nineteen forties and we always recommend that one first for beginners you can you don’t work your way up if you want if the media Ross is working really well for you you know you right yes no need to call a scout or old yes they will not make you feel okay yeah it well into from my own experience in doing coffee enemas there’s times where it seemed to be very very effective in times where not much happened that as times went in as the coffee was going and not too fast slow letting it work in there and stuff you know I could feel and hear a lot of activity a lot of things happening and then there’s times when it’s not so much but I’ve always preferred and felt better the more activity that I heard and felt during the coffee enema so
for that reason I want to try the light and then the goal
I mean you no I use all three depending on I’m feeling I can I can take all three of them but sometimes if I feel my nutrition has been so great I wanted the older like I need something mild but you bring up an interesting point one thing is that people think that coffee enemas are for cleaning out the colon wall that constipation relief now no it’s it will do that but it’s not supposed to be used for yes you know it’s really you use it when you know that your liver you know is is toxic or your gall bladder in your life that you know you’ve got toxins in your system it’s really for that if all you wanna do is relieve constipation water animal you know which brings me to the point of before doing a coffee in a minute before doing a copy and among many people do a water and first to clear out whatever is in that lower colon then do the coffee enema because it’s clear you know it’s cleared out so the coffee will you know I have a better chance of reaching out will will reach its destination easier and a lot you know like you said you like to hear things being activated and they are you know she’s I know but you also want to be able to hold back
for fifteen minutes so with that activation if you product cleared out your little lower colon you might have a harder time holding it okay and is there a is there a magic time frame is fifteen minutes the magic time frame is law intestinal Bennett twenty minutes
twenty minutes is not going to hurt but fifteen is we will do the job just fine if you can only hold it for ten minutes then if that’s all you can hold it for it’s better than not doing it yeah I L. I’ll be a little transparent here without you drying too much of a mental image got this nice
I get comfortable I’ve got my cellphone there I start working and the you know a lot of time can go by
a lot of time can go by you start answering emails and taking phone calls before you realize it’s like well I’ve been here for a half hour did I do something wrong
it’s you’re on a cell phone while you’re doing the coffee enema
I I’ve got a multi task
what was your question it was can’t you go can you overdo it time frame time wise I you might go over the time because you got busy doing
and check the time and I have a little timer going by and fifteen minutes is kind of my you know what what I’m what I’m looking for I hung up the phone and looked and it was you know just crossing over the thirty minute mark I said oh my god all really yeah all well I’m
again I’m not a I’m not a doctor I don’t know what I I’m saying but I don’t know what to say about that I haven’t really had that person I’m not like maybe going twenty minutes to thirty minutes
I don’t think it’s gonna hurt anything
so I’m not going to really answer that yeah well great so you know but it’s felt better well that sounds great weather was sixteen twenty or thirty but yeah
yeah have the study up on that question
yeah or I yeah I don’t know if there is anything to study you might be just one of those you know well try it and see right how many will not work for you think yeah go by how you feel you know works yeah I don’t feel like I did anything wrong but I also don’t know okay well that that point are you absorbing too much caffeine or I don’t know I felt great I was in general or anything and you know we talked about that earlier you absorb some of that but not like when you drink it so well well Susan isn’t where is your website what’s the name of it yeah do you up the website’s name is sure live animal so that’s spelled P. U. R. E. here are life L. I. F. E. anima
yeah enema yeah okay and I am going to have a link to it whether if you’re watching this on video it’ll be below if you’re listening on iTunes there will be a link there to the website if you’re on my blog listening to it there will be a link on our website yeah we’re we’re really trying to reach out to people and I I really appreciate that and you reached out to us so that we can all reach out better to others you know we we have a few videos made by I think that this video that you’ve done since then right I mean I think it’s very informative for people so they can make the right decision for their their personal needs to you know these days I tell everybody should have a copy of my kid in their medicine cabinet just like they would a bottle of aspirin that’s you know yeah I I agree and you know when when chiropractor brought me a cat and said here take this and you know use it today I’m all right that that changed my life that was one of those wow tremendous help and you know what it was you know I’m just on blocking me or detoxifying my liver maybe both I don’t know but I know I needed
you don’t have that popsicle things start functioning and they can start working your body is a great machine and you know you give up the right the stock analysts wanting real great I remember one lady one of my very first customers and she can’t she would come to get coffee and she showed up with a lot of acne on her face I mean you know it’s we may be in our thirties and but she started doing the coffee enemas I haven’t seen her for a year and she came to up some coffee and I actually didn’t even recognize her it was her face was so clear and her so beautiful and know from coffee enemas that does all kinds of things there’s just like a long list you know I think that it will it can help with some no that’s beautiful and yes I did seek you out I actually did a lot of shopping around on the internet and I came across a lot of different websites and you know some you could tell where more there for the business aspect of it and I’m yours clearly there for the helping people aspect and let all so you know we want to talk to people and and help them right and I love the fact that you had coffee as well your own branded it copy what you’re told me okay these people are truly all N. and you know this is well thought out and I could just tell that do you have an experience that brought you to this business what you had told me about earlier so we were one of the very first client errors you know we were the all the first company in America make American made products but also the coffee we were one of the pioneers there is one or two others out there old one either in this country and we yeah we are want to be like America’s
favorite coffee enemas
but we we wanted to provide information and we have a good reputation we sell our coffee to medical doctors natural health chiropractors all you know and
you know done we haven’t had a complaint yeah so yeah well it’s a beautiful thing I can’t wait to go coffee shopping I don’t know there was such a big difference so I think that explanation
yeah I’m trying
you know I believe I have but it was a medium roast not the other us and oh boy
three even tell you this okay
it’s different different levels of from ordered it
huge difference you know but I know someone had ordered it from you I’m for our business years ago and it was in the freezer possibly three or four maybe even more years
like this it but I thought well it’s in the freezer I’m gonna be practically Boyle at the dock so should be okay didn’t have any problems but I’m sure I’m sure it wasn’t you know the same as fresh order just so
yeah yes it is yeah
it will stay good for up to a year
make sure it is maybe right after that but we just tell people toss it after you know your year I was desperate
let’s see there’s one thing I understand yeah I think yeah we use very high specialty grade being and in the business since it and a class of its cell known for on its purity without mold fungus and other chemicals and also it’s a replica not enough I mean you might find cheaper coffee out there but they’re using probably a lower grade B.
you know yes he you know people are becoming very very sensitive to toxins he said it’s now right yeah and it’s it’s funny I found your website first doing my research and then realized it was actually the same copy that I had found in the freezer at the op okay I and I and I connected the dots but I had already used it I thought oh my goodness tonight so glad to connect with you and and you know see that person behind the business very nice to connect with you you’re doing such good work for people and
you helping bring a lot of happiness the to people L. O. thank you and I know you’re doing the same yeah thank you
all right Susan thank you so much for joining us today Michael okay talk to you later