Episode 01 | Fasting with Paul Nison

About Paul Nison

Paul Nison Quote CardEver wondered how fasting can help human physiology? And how can you eat healthier by avoiding some of the most common mistakes that people make? On today’s show, we share raw food proponent, Paul Nison who shares with us his distilled wisdom on fasting, nutrition, and healthy soil. Paul has authored eight books, has been featured on The Food Network and has traveled across the world espousing the many benefits of raw life.


Paul regales listeners by sharing his fasting experiences. You will learn how he went through his 30-day water fast last year. Contrary to what you may think, Paul shares how surviving without food became a simple matter after the third day.

Breaking the fast was the trickier part as Paul had to abstain from meat and other solid foods for many days as his digestive system got attuned once again. At his home in Florida, Paul has a sizable food garden where he grows more than 50 different varieties of mangoes among other things. If you don’t have the luxury of owning your own garden, Paul has some interesting information to share about sprouts and soilless hydroponic agriculture. Towards the end of the show, you will learn how you can generate your own compost for healthier, nutrient-rich soil. Enjoy! What You Will Learn This Show The many benefits of fasting and things to take care of when breaking a fast Avoiding food combinations that lead to bloating and obesity Recommendations for dealing with food, cigarettes, alcohol, and other addictions Creating your own compost – a DIY guide And so much more…


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