Episode 00 | Purpose – Dr. Michael Haley

Dr. Haley Quote CardAre you eating the right foods that sustain not only your health but also our planet? If you feel that the “real foods” that you are consuming have their nutrition and goodness intact, listening to the Dr. Haley Show will compel you to revisit your long-held beliefs. Even though our understanding of food science has increased dramatically over the years, unfortunately, this has not translated into a healthier way of living.

The Aloe Vera Guru

On the Dr. Haley Show, the aloe vera guru himself will be interviewing health radicals who have the necessary integrity and expertise to help out. As we revisit some long-forgotten traditions and delve into the complex world of food science, you will discover some startling facts that can help you lead a far healthier life. What You Will Learn In Today’s Show A peek into the complex world of food science Revisiting forgotten traditions to eat healthier and live better Discover the foods that will sustain not only your health but also our planet And so much more…


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Hello, I’m Dr. Haley and I want to thank you for checking out the doctor Haley show. I created the show to be a place where people could be introduced to seemingly unusual concepts for health – not that the things we’ll present are strange but for most people that have been programmed by modern media the things that will be discussed in this show will for many be uncomfortable at best.

You see, my understanding of where health has come from has certainly evolved. I was fortunate enough to have parents that for the most part kept real foods in the house. If they brought packaged foods in like cereals and breads they were low sugar and they didn’t have cartoons on the packaging.

I gradually learned that even the so called real foods that I learned to eat contained a lot of chemicals in them that didn’t exist in food just a hundred years earlier. Times have changed, traditions have been abandoned and even lost and though our knowledge has increased our standards have been compromised. My purpose here is to reset the people’s standards by revisiting traditions. We will make sense of it all with science and consider practical implementation to our lives so that we can increase our ability sustain our health and the planet.

You can expect to hear me interview the health radicals of the world including those people that have gone all in and often risked everything for the sake of their passions and their expertise. Sometimes restoring tradition box system and it attracts a storm of resistance. I myself have been investigated by the food and drug administration for what I do. Some have been imprisoned and some have even suffered mysterious deaths.

I will respect your time immensely and will only bring guests that I believe live with utmost integrity and practice what they preach and have expertise that we can all benefit from. This show is not for those who are settled in their ways complacent with the world who chose to swallow the proverbial blue pill of the matrix. This show is for red pill people that would rather not swallow any pills at all but would want to learn even uncomfortable life changing truths.

My audience tends to be high energy. They like life they aren’t afraid of a little constructive confrontation and they’re willing to stand up for what’s right. There are people that like myself once they learned of something they were doing wrong they embrace change. They invite correction. They thank the person that gave it to them. Oftentimes the uncomfortable is their comfort zone.

You know in the late nineties I lost my mother to cancer. I was a young doctor. I had a lot of book knowledge but I wasn’t able to help her. Her doctors weren’t able to help her as well. They didn’t and I didn’t have the knowledge that I know now. I don’t know that she would be alive today if I could impart the knowledge that I have now back then but I’m completely certain that her days fighting cancer would have had more life in them and she probably would be here still today. Fast forward more than twenty years I’ve helped hundreds of people with similar health struggles with a lot of success.

But you don’t have to be sick to benefit. The reality is I helped even more people that didn’t have known health issues to achieve more of their health potential. Your success is what fuels me to press on. I am honored to be a tool in our makers hand to make a positive difference in this world. I dedicate the show to my mother who should still be here today. If you are hearing this episode you are in a place where you can subscribe but if you want to find out more and discover all of the media outlets for the doctor Haley show including the blog video channel and social media visit DrHaley dot com that’s D R H A L E Y dot com.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m doctor Michael Haley. May your health joy love and peace all increase