Genetic Testing For Insights To Your Health

What You Will Learn In This Show | TimeStamps

  • 1:47 How did you get into the space of genetic testing?
  • From a health conscious family but despite doing things well, had a health challenge that was predicted from a genetic test done 5 years earlier… though he never submitted the genetic test data for analysis so he was unaware of the challenge he would face.

  • 4:57 What information are we getting from our genetic test at
  • Information about vitamins, hormones, toxicity from heavy metals, mold, and more.

  • 10:25 What are the advantages of genetic testing vs. blood testing?
  • ease of test and cost advantages.

  • 11:33 What is the disadvantages of genetic testing vs blood testing?
  • Genetic tests reveal predispositions and are not a diagnosis. It helps you know what other tests you might consider ordering for a diagnosis.

  • 12:32 Does your DNA get submitted to a government database?
  • 15:46 Once you get your test results, what kind of recommendations are there? Dietary? Lifestyle? Meditation?
  • Personalized recommendations will include food, supplementation, and lifestyle

  • 18:50 What were some of the recommendations you got based on your genetic test that had the most impact?
  • lead, comt gene related to how anxious he was

  • 17:10 What were some of the recommendations you got, Elwin, from your own genetic report that you feel had the most impact on overcoming your challenge?
  • 21:50 What foods speed up or slow down the comt gene?
  • animal foods (methyl doners, creatine) speed up comt, vs. plant foods, flavonoids, etc. slow down comt.

  • 22:22 What were you doing wrong that you corrected based on your genetic test?
  • Elwin was having too many plant foods and not enough animal foods!

  • 23:07 What is the healthiest diet? Vegan vs. Animal foods?
  • 25:40 Why we lost our sensitivity to the fact that we are eating animals
  • We no longer kill but just go to the store and buy meat. Dr. Haley thinks everyone that eats animal meats should have participate in the kill of the animal they are going to eat.

  • 27:40 What is a testimonial of someone that got genetic tested and had their life changed based on the results?
  • a co-worker that found he had hashimotos. In this case, hormones was necessary.

  • 31:40 Supplements vs. drugs; when can you use the food instead of the drug?
  • 33:30 What other serious conditions have you seen helped following genetic testing?
  • Elwin describes someone that had dysbiosis and was better able to treat once realizing his true issue.

  • 36:46 What does Elwin Robinson’s medicine cabinet look like?
  • As someone who continuously expiriments on himself (nutritionally), it is quite large!

  • 37:47 Did any experiments go wrong?
  • Elwin tells of a time sending himself to the hospital from ozonated olive oil.

  • 40:05 What is the hunter gatherer gene?
  • The carbohydrate report – Elwin explains how the high carb (from fruits and vegetables) and low carb diet can be beneficial for diabetes depending on your genetics. He also discusses protein and fats in this discussion. He also discusses fermented foods.

  • 45:15 What does a genetic test look like… spitting in a cup? Swab?
  • You can export your data from previous tests or go to (see the demo at the end of this video)

  • 47:40 Is there a coupon code?
  • yes there is… you have to watch the video to get it…

  • 53:14 Screencapture of Dr. Haley ordering his test kit and successfully using a coupon code. Watch this if you need help purchasing your kit.


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