The Health Benefits of Fermented Soy

Dr. Michael Haley discusses Haelan951 Fermented Organic Soy with Jim Ladwig from Haelan Products.

Show Timestamps:

  • 00:48 Introducing Jim Ladwig from Haelan Products
  • 03:20 History of Haellan951 formerly Haelan851 in the 80’s to fight the side effects of traditional cancer treatments
  • 05:05 What’s in the bottle? Addressing the soy fears caused by the GMO version and its’ relationship with pesiticides compared to soy used by Haelan951 Products, Inc.
  • 06:36 The patented Nitrogen Fermentation Process compared to fermentation of natto
  • 07:30 The benefits of nitrogen fermentation as related to the proteins in it
  • 08:00 The bioavailability of nutrients from the nitrogen fermentation
  • 09:05 How nutrients are changed by the fermentation process
  • 11:30 How Haelan951 fermented soy beverage tastes; Dr. Haley opens a new bottle and begins to consume the whole bottle
  • 14:30 How much do people drink?
  • 15:09 Dr. Haley describes the taste of Haelan951 as a bean juice
  • 16:53 Discussion of the pH of this beverage
  • 19:00 The benefits seen when those with cancer cachexia consume Haelan951 with respect to their appetite
  • 19:50 The healthy powder flavor that helps with the taste of Haelan951 made from lacuma, monk fruit, and peppermint
  • 22:25 Dr. Haley describe the taste after adding the flavor improver
  • 23:40 Jim Ladwig explains the growing conditions for their soy and how it takes 25 lbs. raw soy to make a single bottle


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