How to Make Raw Hummus

Most of the ingredients for raw hummus literally NEVER go bad. Raw Garbonzo beans (chick peas) and sesame seeds (tahini) will remain live seeds for many years if kept within a reasonable humidity and temperature range.

Likewise, salt is about as non-perishable as a rock. The only other ingredient that is required is clean water. However, a good tasty oil such as olive oil may be desired and can last 12 to 24 months in the pantry.

Those are the necessary ingredients. But juice from a fresh lemon adds a nice tangy flavor. And who in their right mind would make hummus without garlic?


Sprouting Garbonzo beans improves their nutrition tremendously. Sprouting takes very little effort but will require several hours. I prefer to sprout them for about 24 hours. To sprout, simply soak the beans in clean water. Though you don’t have to change the water, I prefer to change it several times to prevent any fermentation. Fermented beans are smelly and take on a beer like flavor.

Some people cook the beans. Some people remove the shells. Both of these steps are optional and unnecessary.

The soaked beans can be processed in a food processor, ground in a blender that has a tamper, or ground up with a powerful immersion blender. A potato masher… ummm… nevermind. Your blender will likely handle raw sesame seeds. Alternatively tahini can be added.

Add enough liquid (oil, lemon juice, and / or water… to your liking) to allow for mixing to a texture that pleases you. Add salt and garlic to taste.

Additional ingredients can be blended in or stirred into the processed product. There are no rules to this… Add spices such as cumin, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped olives, spinach, artichoke, roasted red pepper, corn, sweet peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, chocolate… whatever you heart desires. Be creative and Enjoy!

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