Rick Olderman “Fixing You”

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Principles of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy
  • Finding the CAUSE of the problem
  • Correcting the cause of pain
  • The challenges that Rick Olderman and Dr. Haley overcame
  • Why the pains came back
  • How the pain was finally eliminated
  • How you can eliminate your chronic pains
  • And so much more…

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy are probably the ultimate combination. If people did there physical therapy at home, they probably wouldn’t need chiropractors and physical therapists nearly as much.

From a chiropractic perspective, we look at the person as a whole, get things functioning more like they are supposed to, and teach them to maintain that on their own. But we also want to help them identify the things that are getting in the way of staying well.

Rick Olderman agrees and it is what he has been focusing on these past 25 years. In PT school, the focus was on the structures that are irritated such as a rotated vertebrae, herniated disc, or strained tissue; but there’s nothing to address they “why” those things are happening. He felt he was a failure helping people with certain conditions because he only had a (limited) component training and not a “systems” training. He was not solving pain on a long term basis.

When Rick was in his 20’s, he experienced a bad back pain and got some help in a physical therapy clinic, but the pain came back. PT helped him get out of pain – but it came back. So he wanted to figure it out. He went to PT school thinking he would get the answers. He actually had to figure things out on his own.

Dr. Haley explains his history with back pain that kept him from walking well for 8 months. He explains the feeling of suddenly getting old. But he give hope for getting better, removing the cause, and keeping things well so you can do the things you want to do.

Rick discusses the range of pain conditions that can be helped: “head to toe”… neck pain, headaches, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain – There is a separate program for each area and there is overlap in them.

Rick describes a self test to help you learn a posture that will help correct back pain. His programs help you identify the cause of your problems and teaches you to fix them.

Your pain is where the weak link is. But that is not necessarily the cause.

Unilateral back pain (on one side) such as with sciatica, one side of the pelvis is higher than the other. Rick calls that a “side bending” position. One side of the spine is compressed. It is easily fixed.

On X-ray, we might call it a scoliotic curve. Scoliosis can be congenital when you are born with it. But it can also be “functional”. That is, it could be a curve because of how you are using your body. Often there is a problem in the same leg that is elevated. The position of your body is a result of your brain getting your body off of the problem. It’s called a “withdrawal reflex pattern”. If you step on something sharp, you brain tells your body to get off the sharp thing. In the same way, a seemingly lesser problem will have a lesser but more longstanding response.

The way you can see if you have this problem is to have someone take a picture of you from behind with your shirt off. If you have a bigger crease on one side, the problem has been there for a while. You have to solve the reason for the side bending position first to fix the pain.

We continue to discuss problems in the neck vs. arm. Rick explains the similarity between the flat bone in the shoulder called the scapulae and the flat bone of the pelvis. If the shoulder blade isn’t resting well, the shoulder joint isn’t operating well. This affects the arm… which affects the elbow, etc. The shoulder blade is the center of function for the upper body system. So problems are solved concurrently in the shoulder and arm at the same time.

The “Fixing You” programs are a series of books and streamlined downloadable programs to help with the various musculoskeletal / orthopedic problems people might have. You can complete a pain reduction program in 25 minutes per day with significant results in a week.

Your pain is measured after each session with an expected pain reduction each time. The program includes exercises to stretch and strengthen things. But there is also a separate video that explains all of the habits that cause these problems. There is also a taping video so you can support your body until the corrections are made. There is also practitioner recommendations for those under the care of a physician for the same.

When Rick was asked for a favorite testimonial, he immediately thinks of a division 1 elite swimmer that had 15 years of back pain. She left the swim program because of the back pain that nobody could solve. But she came to Rick for plantar fasciitis. She didn’t initially mention the back pain because she though it could not be fixed.


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