Unconventional Cancer Protocols

Who Was Weston A. Price?

In dental school, the research from Weston A. Price DDS was never discussed. Dr. Price (1870 – 1948) travelled the world to understand the relationship between food and health, specifically as it relates to cavities and jaw structure. He found that the further we got from real foods (traditional foods) present in the given culture, the more dental problems we have. The “Weston A. Price Foundation” is the documentation and continuation of his work made available to those that want it.

Jordan Rubin had similar influence in my life when it comes to diet. He emphasized 3 criteria when it comes to food – biblical foods that are created traditionally and backed by science.

Dr. Al discusses his medical condition from Multiple Myeloma, an incurable bone cancer, to Covid. He was given 3 to 6 months to live. He rejected chemo and created his unconventional Cancer Protocols. He is not opposed to chemotherapy that works, but in his case, there was no hope for cure from multiple myeloma using chemotherapy – only a hope for maybe extending life with the likelihood of a decreased quality of life.

Dr. Al’s Unbelievable Accident Injury

Dr. Al did quite well supporting his immune system through diet. But in 2019, though beating the odds of survival, he had an accident / injury with broken bones that caused a setback. (listen at 8:30 for details). He felt ready to die and was put in hospice to die. That was August of 2019. A hurricane forced him to go back home for the remainder of his hospice care. But after a pep talk from his wife, Dr. Al revoked hospice and went back to his oncologist who was amazed he was alive.

In June of 2021, a bad reaction to an immunotherapy drug weakened his immune system and he got covid. He had lingering lethargy and aching, but never went to the hospital nor required medicine for Covid.

Dr. Al’s Unconventional Cancer Protocol

We discuss some of the points on Dr. Danenberg’s Blog, the first being eating “Nose to Tail”. That means, when it comes to animal foods, not eating just the muscle tissue… but the organs too. Those on a 100% animal food diet are getting plant phytonutrients from the animals that ate the plants… or from the animals that ate the things that ate the plants.

The plants have innate chemicals in their leaves, stems, and seeds that are destructive to certain animals that try to eat them. When humans eat these plants, some of these elements called “anti-nutrients” can damage our gut microbiome. Ruminant animals like cattle have 4 stomachs and a digestive system to destroy them.

To get the organ nutrients, for those that don’t like organ meats, desiccated organ meats in capsules are an alternative. The majority of the things we eat is water. when the water is removed, it is much smaller and can fit in capsules. We don’t think of these as supplements because the only thing removed is the water.

Another one of the “unconventional cancer protocols” is “Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies” aka “PEMF”. Many electrical frequencies are used by our cells. Electrical frequencies can be used to energize our cells. The mitochondria are like the “batteries of our cells”. When the cells are weak, there are ways to “re-charge” them. PEMF has the potential to recharge the mitochondria as well as improve the cell membrane so ions can move more freely through the cell membranes.

Dr. Al’s Unconventional Probiotic Method

This is a summary of Dr. Al’s discussion with Kiran Krishnan from Microbiome Labs. It is an idea that has never been tested. But it is how Dr. Al consumes his probiotics.

The spores in MegaSporeBiotics will attach themselves to dental plaque in the mouth. “Do not remove healthy dental plague in your mouth… it is there for a reason”. “Open the capsule, put the powder from them in a glass with a little water in it… mix it and then put it in your mouth. Swish the water for a bit and then swallow it. Dr. Al is accepting the idea that the spores attach to the plaque and may benefit the health of the bacteria in the dental plaque. “Maybe it’s beneficial”.

Dr. Al goes on to describe a “nutrient dense animal based diet” as at least 70% animal based and 30% or less from plants. The plant foods should not be those high in oxalates, lectins, and phytates, which are the anti-nutrients. Some fruits and raw honey is OK, but will interfere with ketosis. Dr. Al describes being in ketosis mostly but vacillating between fat and carbohydrates for energy which is how our primal ancestors ate.

Over-filtered water can be a problem too since it is lacking minerals that would otherwise exist in natural spring water.

Dr. Al discusses the diversity and health of a healthy gut supported by probiotics to crowd out the bad bacteria.

Molecular hydrogen is clinically effective and efficacious in high dose as opposed to drinking all day long. The research suggests it is a phenomenal discriminant anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It can neutralize the damaging free radicals such as the hydroxyl free radical without neutralizing the free radicals the the body requires to kill bacteria and do other things. Most supplemental anti-oxidants are “non-discriminant” anti-oxidants.

What Is Your Most Important Work Accomplished?

I wrote the “Better Belly Blueprint”… a short e-book to help support a healthy immune system. But I have another book coming out called “Eat As If Your Life Depends On It” which will summarize the reason why we as humans have evolved to where we are. And my concept of “Metabolic Flexibility” to be able to be a fat burner as well as a carb burner to support your immune system.

What Do You Wish You Did Differently?

Dr. Al discusses what he believes to have been the cause of his cancer. He explains how he would have avoided the cause of his health challenges. Beyond that, he admits he made some terrible decisions in life (who hasn’t?) but has no regrets. “If you make some bad decisions but you learn from them, the product of that is a better you.”

What would you like to be remembered for?

…helping people understand… Dr. Al explained a thorough answer, but I’d rather you hear it from him, so, either watch the video or listen to the podcast!

Schedule with Dr. Al

If you visit https://drdanenberg.com, you can schedule an online appointment with Dr. Danenberg to discuss your particular challenges.

Quality of Life vs. Extended Life

When I asked Dr. Al about quality of life vs. extended life, I thought it would be an uncomfortable discussion… yet he lit up when I asked it. It is what he basis his survival on. “I have no interest in longevity… my only interest is quality of life.” Quality of life is communicating freely with clarity of mind… thinking well, functioning well, and speaking well enjoying what we are doing. Quality of life would be decreased if I couldn’t raise my hand or my head… if I was in such pain that I was being groggy all day long because of narcotics. If I had to be in a wheel chair… I’m not saying these are bad things. They are decreasing quality of life. “My goal is to maintain the highest quality of life I can. I’m doing a lot of stuff, but I could die tomorrow. My cancer is such that I will die from multiple myeloma. But I am not going to give into multiple myeloma. When the time comes for my organ systems to break down to stop to not function properly, I’m ready for that. But I’m not going to allow that to happen if I could do things to enhance that quality of life. And I believe the secret to that is to maintain as best or as robust of an immune system as I can for my condition”.

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Who is Weston A. Price
  • Dr. Al Danenberg’s Health Challenge
  • Dr. Al’s Unconventional Cancer Protocols
  • Revoking Hospice
  • Quality of Life vs. Extended Life
  • And so much more


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