Is There A Cure For HIV?

When human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) made it’s first appearances in the population, it often led to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and was eventually deadly. The virus damaged people’s immune systems and inhibited their ability to fight infections and disease. Initially, someone with HIV might expect to live about 5 to 10 years from the time they got it.

It is possible that some have HIV and never get symptoms… that the virus never reveals itself and those with it never even find out they have it. For those that develop symptoms and test positive for HIV, there are treatments to manage it and stop the progress and even decrease the viral load and increase healthy immune markers somewhat reversing the condition. The virus can even be managed to the point of not being detectable. However, if treatment is stopped, we could expect the symptoms and problems to likely return.

There is no known “cure” for HIV. There is no vaccination against HIV. Currently even our best treatments may stop working in some people.

There have been many who tried to manage HIV naturally only to find out that, healthy food and supplements was not enough. Some may have slowed HIV’s progress, but medicine was required to stop it. Some nutraceuticals my be more beneficial than others, but none have been scientifically demonstrated cure HIV.