Episode 03 | The Truth About Fermentation – Dr. Michael Haley

Dr. Michael Haley “The Aloe Vera Guru”

Dr. Michael Haley Episode 3 Quote CardOn today’s show, Aloe Vera Guru Dr. Michael Haley dispels some common misconceptions about fermentation, the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria, and healthy food.

How often have you thrown away stale food fearing that it might have gone bad? I suspect that you do this all the time. But before you repeat this behavior again, you might want to tune in to today’s show.

What Are Preservatives?

Today, you will learn the real truth about adding preservatives to make your food “last longer”. You will also learn some interesting facts about wine, cheese, and vegetables among other things. You will learn how fermentation, in fact, can turn your food into a nutrient-rich “super food” that strengthens your gut. If you are interested in adopting a healthier, more scientific approach, today’s show will be particularly interesting for you.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What is fermentation? Understanding the basics
  • Why consuming probiotics is good for your gut health
  • How fermentation plays a role in the making of wine and cheese
  • And so much more…


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