Dr. Heather Stone and “The Thyroid Transformation Blueprint”

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • 2:25 What is Regenerative Farming?
  • 7:50 Who is responsible for wellness the doctor or the patient?
  • 9:39 When is a Potato a PILL? (Allopathic Nutrition?)
  • 15:50 replacing unhealthy dietary habits with healthier alternatives that resemble our cravings
  • 19:05 Why are your patients mostly women?
  • 19:40 Why do women have more thyroid problems then men?
  • 21:25 Why are more people getting thyroid conditions now that ever before?
  • 28:07 What are the common symptoms of people having thyroid insufficiencies? Low energy, inability to lose weight, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, brain fog, hair falling out, dry skin, brittle nails.
  • 30:30 What does treatment look like? The Thyroid Blueprint: Goals, Testing, Comprehensive analysis of tests and diagnosis, custom care including dietary recommendations, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle changes including exercises and stress management.
  • 33:18 Where can we get the book “The Thyroid Blueprint” from? Amazon or https://thyroidtransformationblueprint.com
  • 33:50 Can people see you virtually?
  • 35:00 Where does someone go to schedule a visit? Thyroid Facebook Group “Happy Healthy & Lean”.
  • 35:55 Retreats on the Ranch in Texas
  • 38:50 How much of your food is coming from your land?
  • 39:55 “You are what you eat eats…”
  • 41:00 What is a favorite testimonial that you witnessed as a result of your work?
  • 48:40 “It’s Time to take back your power and heal your body once and for all. You have everything you need. You just need to put it all together.” “The Thyroid Blueprint” by Dr. Heather Stone.


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