Coffee Enema Checklist

This checklist is merely a checklist for a self-administered coffee enema.

This is not to be considered medical advice. Get medical advice from your medical doctor. We do not have a doctor-patient relationship. Check with your medical doctor before doing coffee enemas to make sure these steps and procedure are safe for you. This is merely a coffee enema checklist to better help you in your practice.

  1. Check with your medical doctor
  2. Prepare your space
  3. Sanitize, rinse, and prepare your enema kit
  4. Fill your enema bucket with freshly made organic coffee close to 98.6 degrees F
  5. Eliminate – Empty bowels and bladder
  6. Lubricate 1 or both ends… enema tip and / or anus
  7. Get in position and insert the enema tip to the proper depth into your anus
  8. Slowly fill yourself with coffee (approx. 5 min.) up to 48 oz. (less for petite)
  9. Gently massage the abdomen following the path of intestines from the bottom up
  10. Stop filling when you feel pressure, resume when the urge goes ceases
  11. Hold the coffee for up to 15 minutes, but do not fight the urge and expel sooner if necessary
  12. Do not feel you have to use all of the coffee that was put in the enema bucket