Cancer Cures?

Today I stumbled across a video from Rodney Stockton’s archives. After watching the first few minutes, it became clear to me that the FDA has probably NOT evaluated the statements made on this video, lol.

Let’s be real… there is NO WAY you could use a video in your marketing like this without MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF RESEARCH backing up the claims that customers make. At Haley Nutrition, we may have taken over the aloe vera product. But we are in no way associated to or related with Rodney Stockton… who passed away in 2009. I merely re-branded his “100% Pure Raw Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink” and sell it only as a food item, not as a cancer cure. But the video is quite entertaining and is provided here only for entertainment and historical value.

I even followed up with those that I could on the video. People swear it is all true. But don’t believe a word on it unless the science some! ~ Dr. Michael Haley