The Candida Chronicles with Michael Biamonte CCN

What You Will Learn In This Show

Michael Biamonte CCN is a brilliant mind specializing in helping those with candida problems. In this episode he explains the causes and the reasons so many fail to get well, as well as the proper testing and treatments that will surely help cure from this condition.


2:32 Getting to know Dr. Michael Biamonte and his upbringing including his Italian family of musicians. Dr. Biamonte studied with the famous jazz guitarist and composer Dom Minasi Dr. Biamonte explained the more traditional diet from Italy such as seen with Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy”.
12:00 What else, other than antibiotics, causes candida? Genetics, antacids, medications, and anything that can disturb the intestinal flora. Just the SAD American diet can do it when the genetics pre-dispose a person.
14:30 David Kirby in the book “Animal Factory” exposes the horror of how supermarket meat is produced.
15:25 Dr. Biamonte gives the most simple diet advice that would have the most impact
16:15 Why are we searching for the cure of cancer when we know what causes it?
18:08 The books of Hulda Regehr Clark regarding the causes of cancer.
19:45 Understanding “Dysbiosis” and how to determine what the bad flora is and the various tests that are available including stool testing for DNA. An orgnanic acid urine test can also help understand the microbiome.
24:55 The book “The Candida Chronicles” by Dr. Michael Biamonte explains how he learned to diagnose and properly treat candida and control the die-off reaction.
26:56 The biggest mistakes doctors make when treating dysbiosis and how they do it different
31:59 When candida over-grows, what other organs and systems can be affected?
34:24 Common initial symptoms of candida from fatigue, to digestive issues, skin issues, and eventually worse problems.
35:15 Dr. Biamonte explains the purpose of the three different websites:
36:10 the candida – thyroid relationship
38:50 the reasons why autism is increasing including the toxic environment and chemical exposure through medication
41:35 Dr. Michael Biamonte plugs the book Robert F. Kennedy Junior “The Real Anthony Fauchi”
43:00 What kind of doctor to find to get your dysbiosis diagnosed and treated… certified clinical nutritionist (CCN / CNC), Functional Medical Doctor,
45:05 What is a doctorate of Nutripathy?
46:08 What diet is “anti-candida”?
46:35 Aloe vera as a treatment for candida and why it doesn’t feed the candida
48:10 A testiomonial that stands out in his mind related to what he does involves a woman covered with skin rash.
49:27 How elements are essential but can be toxic and how elements and vitamins interact with each other
51:10 Dr. Biamponte also studied under Dr. David L. Watts from Trace Elements Inc. He recommends the book “Trace Elements”.
55:17 Why supplements are needed but dangerous and how to make sure you are taking the right amount of the right thing.
59:12 What is man’s ideal diet? Vegetarian? Fruitarian? Carnivore? Blood type is the most important starting point – Dr. D’Adamo Type O the carnivore (hunter – gatherer / Caveman diet); type A the farmer; type B high in fish and vegetables; AB who can eat a little of everything. From blood type, go to a functional medical doctor to determine the best based on testing.
103:25 Therapeutic diet vs. maintenance diet.
105:29 The websites to find out more (see the resources below) and Dr. Bruce Rind’s website


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  4. Hulda Regehr Clark’s books on Amazon
  5. Candida Chronicles – Michael Biamonte, CCN on Amazon
  6. The Real Anthony Fauchi Robert F. Kennedy on Amazon
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  8. EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE – Dr. D’Adamo on Amazon
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