Episode 6 | Consuming Healing Foods and Healing Your Gut with Melissa Weber

Who Is Melissa Weber?

Melissa Weber Episode 6 Quote CardOn today’s show, we talk with nurse and health coach, Melissa Weber who shares with us her incredible. health journey. You will learn how consuming “Healing and Natural foods”, pulled her back from the brink of death. We also talk about the concept of healthy soil and question some long-held beliefs on antibiotics.

For twenty years, Melissa struggled with health issues. So much so that by the end of it, she was frail and small, and barely surviving on rice noodles. This is when she started consuming naturally grown, pesticide-free products that helped her rejuvenate.

The Soil of the Intestines

One of the main topics that we talk about today is the differentiation between “healthy soil” and “bad soil”. You will learn why the presence of bacteria and fungi in soil is necessary. And how, by using pesticides, we are, in fact, creating “bad soil” which ultimately leads to an unhealthy gut.

Melissa calls out the harmful effects of antibiotics or anti-life products. And shares how most of us are consuming antibiotics that we are unaware of.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How to get a healthy gut
  • The concept of “healthy soil”, and the myths pertaining to bacteria and fungi
  • Why antibiotics are indeed anti-life
  • The benefits of consuming unprocessed and unfiltered aloe vera


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