Episode 5 | Suzanne’s Personal Benefits from Aloe Vera

Suzanne Quote CardIn today’s show of Millionaire Mom, we interview Suzanne, a long-time proponent of aloe-vera and founder of B24story.com. Suzanne shares how she has personally benefited from the unique medicinal properties of aloe. From treating third-degree burns to maintaining a youthful and vibrant demeanor, Suzanne reveals some little-known benefits of aloe vera in today’s show. Back in the ’80s, Suzanne was vacationing at Lake Tahoe when she was involved in a serious accident. Her doctors informed her that she had suffered third-degree burns and that she had no alternative but to go for skin-grafting.

Aloe Vera

Listeners will learn how using aloe vera helped Suzanne heal completely without any surgical procedures at all. Suzanne again witnessed the miraculous healing powers of aloe vera when ten-year old David was scarred with boiling water.

So, can you benefit from the healing powers of aloe vera as well? What is the correct way of applying aloe vera? While it is a well-known fact now that applying aloe on your skin is extremely beneficial, does drinking aloe help as well? Towards the end, Suzanne also recalls her experiences with “The Aloe Man”, Rodney Stockton. You will also learn how Rodney identified and popularized the many applications of aloe vera. Tune in to this show if you are looking for some proven, safe, and yet little-known health hacks. Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show Using aloe vera for treating second-degree and third-degree burns Can aloe vera help you regain and then maintain your vitality? Can drinking aloe vera help you? And so much more…


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