Why Do We Need Enzymes?

In today’s episode of The Dr. Haley Show, Dr. Haley chats with Richard Longland, founder of the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation and creator of the film, ‘Why Am I Still Sick?’ and Larry Stout, educator and account executive from U.S. Enzymes.

I have always recommended enzymes for those that need help with digestion and as an element of my protocol for helping constipation.

I first learned about enzymes in a nutrition class when Dr. Andrea Hazim opened Juice + capsules and dumped them in a bowel of cooked oatmeal. The oatmeal liquified right in the bowl.

Ever since that demonstration, when I had an uncomfortable full feeling, I had a scoop of NanoGreens10 in water. The digestive enzymes in that product did the same thing… I could feel it breaking down the food in my stomach starting moments after taking it. I have since formulated our own green powder with digestive enzymes and a kicker… PROBIOTICS which also help digestion (I’m talking about our green powder “IaGreens®” at Haley Nutrition).

But these juice powders are just that, fruit and vegetable juice powders with digestive enzymes. They are great at providing plant nutrients (“phytonutrients”). However, you can also get digestive enzymes and other enzymes in capsules. They will be a bit more powerful than the smaller amounts included in the green powders.

I started using “Digestxym®” digestive enzyme supplement a couple days after recording this interview. Last night was a funny example of how I used them. My wife made me a HUGE bowl of soup. I thoroughly enjoyed the fist quart! But after that, I was really just finishing to make her happy. I at too much!

I forgot to take Digestxym® with my meal. I fell asleep but woke up a couple hours later still feeling stuffed. I could feel it just sitting there in my stomach. So I got up, had 1 capsule and a glass of water… and a few minutes later, the uncomfortable feeling was gone. I slept the rest of the night quite well.

Join Dr. Haley, Richard and Larry for this fascinating and challenging discussion.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • A little about Larry and Richard’s backgrounds and what they’ve learned along the way about the role of enzymes in wellness.
  • What enzymes are and how they assist in digestion.
  • The effects on our health when these enzymes are reduced or missing entirely.
  • And so much more

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